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Inner City Skyline provides residential remodeling services for homeowners interested in remodeling, repairing or home upgrades in Santa Ana, CA. Our licensed and insured general contractor has been helping local homeowners remodel in Santa Ana for over 30 years. Scheduling a free estimate with our general contractor is extremely easy; Fill out our web form or call our main office at (855) 751-4663 to schedule an estimate today.

Santa Ana, CA is the largest city in Orange County, and the home to many museums and venues. Santa Ana homeowners enjoy Spanish style homes and traditional southern California architecture as the city grows and develops. Our general contractor has developed and shaped the way residential homes appear in many aspects. Schedule a free estimate to learn about our kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and room addition services in Santa Ana community.

General Remodeling
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Remodeling Homes In Santa Ana, CA

Southern California has seen a influx of population growth and one of the biggest and most exciting projects to consider is room additions or garage conversion in Santa Ana, CA. California is facing severe housing shortages and adding a guest house to your existing home will certainly help alleviate some of the housing concerns.    

Garage Conversion Construction

Let’s face it; most homeowners rarely use their garages to store cars. More often than not, homeowners are using it as storage for their old items that they no longer use. Our general contractor suggests using your space more wisely and converting your garage into a usable guest house or separate unit in Santa Ana. Rental income properties are one of the best ways to create stability and value, while helping homeowners retire early.

Kitchen Remodeling

Homeowners that cook together in the kitchen enjoy the benefits of a well-designed and remodeled kitchen in Santa Ana. Our general contractor offers free in-home estimates for homeowners interested in remodeling their kitchens. Imagine turning your old and outdated kitchen into a beautiful space for your entire family to enjoy. You be surprise how affordable a kitchen remodeling can be in Santa Ana. Plan accordingly and get started today.

Bathroom Remodeling

Every 7-10 years, bathrooms start to feel outdated and its more evident in Santa Ana than any other city in Orange County. Bathroom remodeling can consist of shower installation or replacement, tub removal and installation, vanity repair or installation, toilet and plumbing. Schedule a free estimate to learn how we can provide the necessary upgrades and help you stay within a reasonable budget.

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