Block Wall Construction and Restoration In Orange County

Block Wall Construction and Restoration In Orange County

Block Wall Repairs and Replacements

Inner City Skyline and our team of masonry contractors, builders and laborers offer cinder block wall construction and repair services for homeowners in Orange County. We build our block walls right the first time around with the proper permits, rebar’s, steal reinforcements and correct concrete PSI. Located at the heart of Orange County, Huntington Beach, we offer free estimates for block wall repairs and block wall replacement services for homeowners.

Considering replacing your block wall? If you are located in Orange County we love to hear from you. Our free estimates will help you understand the costs of replacing your damaged block wall or if you do not have a block wall, we can build you a new one.

Block Wall Repair Services
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Why Construct A Block Wall?

There are numerous reasons for homeowners to install a block wall, but the more common reasons are designating your property line, installing block wall for security purposes, trash enclosures, and deflecting sound waves to reduce noise.

Block Wall Repair Orange County

In Orange County, Inner City Skyline provides the best prices for block wall construction and repairs for homeowners. When we build block walls, we cut costs by accurately measuring the right amount of concrete to pass inspection and provide the correct level of support to withstand seismic activities without compromising your property.

Common Causes of Block Wall Damages

Some of the common causes of block wall damages are car accidents, encroaching tree roots, uplifting tree roots, and earthquakes.  Inner City Skyline offers the best prices for block wall repair services in Orange County. We repair block wall cracks by providing epoxy concrete to fill cracks and paint the block wall once everything is dry.

  • Encroaching Tree Roots

  • uplifting Tree Roots

  • Earthquakes

  • Car Accidents

Block Wall Estimate Orange County

We make scheduling a free estimate with our contractor a breeze by offering multiple ways of contacting us to schedule a time of your choosing. Homeowners in Orange County can contact us by calling our offices at 855-751-4663 or inquiring through our website. We have a messaging system to help you get answers quickly from our customer service department.  If you rather us call you, fill out our web form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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