EV Charging Station For Homeowners

 EV Charging Stations 

There are many options when it comes to installing EV charging stations for your home. The benefits of having your vehicle completely charged and ready to go in the morning makes it the perfect addition to your home if you own an electric vehicle. Schedule A free estimate to arrange a time to meet our specialists and go over options for your home in Huntington Beach.

Installing Level 1 EV Charging Station (Basic Plug-in Play)

Homeowner consider EV charging stations after they purchase an electric vehicle or hybrid. In Huntington Beach, we have tons of locals that want to help our planet by using electric cars verses gas.

Most car manufactures will provide a level 1 EV charging Station for your vehicle. A popular vehicle that we recently brought to our own fleet was the Chevy Volt, which offers EV charger to charge the vehicle. The  level 1 EV charging station requires a full day charge for the volt to be 100% charged. Its slow, to charge. The benefits is that it requires no special installation, just plug and charge.

Installing Level 2 EV Charging Station

level 2 EV charging station is 240 volt instead of the standard 120. Its comprehensively twice as fast as the original charging station. Special installation is required by a licensed electrician or general contractor. it's one of the better options but not all vehicles require this. It could be additional benefit, or just a convenience for fast charging. Most homeowners in southern California combine solar and EV charging station in one installation to reduce costs and keep the project together as one.

Inner City Skyline and our local solar installers can help you get started today. Schedule a free estimate to learn more about EV charging station.

installing Level 3 EV Charging Stations

Level 3 EV charging stations are DC fast chargers that are designed for commercial and industrial setting. These are used by Tesla to fast charge there sports sedans. They also require professional installation, but are often faster to charge then both level 1 and 2 combined.