Huntington Beach, CA Solar Installers

Inner City Skyline has been introducing homeowners to solar for over 30 years. With one of the best reputations for informative presentations for homeowners, it is no wonder why Inner City Skyline is rated as #1 solar installer in the Huntington Beach community.  As a licensed general contractor with great standing with CSLB, Inner City Skyline offers amazing prices for solar installation, solar panel repairs, solar water heater, EV charging stations and so much more. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in Huntington Beach install solar panels and reap the rewards of solar in our community, and we can surely help you get started today.

Solar Roof Installers Huntington Beach
Solar Rooftop installation

How much does solar cost in Huntington Beach?

Our solar installers have brought down prices from its all time high of $7 per watt to a miserly $3 per watt. on average a homeowner needs about 5KW system and with our low prices, homeowners can install solar for their roofs for an average cost of $15,450 - $22,543 depending on the type of panels, inverter, and solar racks installed for your project.

Electricity Company in Huntington Beach

In Huntington Beach, homeowners have to deal with Southern California Edison for all of their energy needs. Sometimes it can be a challenge dealing with the rising costs for electricity. Solar is your alternative to rising costs for electricity. Huntington Beach homeowners can save up to 80% on their electricity bill by installing solar panels on their roofs. If you own an electric car, you can practically drive for free with solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Rooftop Installation

  • Lowering your monthly electricity bill

  • Helping California reduce its carbon footprint

  • Add value to your existing home

  • Generate revenue by generating more energy than you use

  • Massive 30% tax credit from the federal government

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Need More Reasons?

Choose Inner City Skyline for your solar installation needs. The City of Huntington Beach and your neighbors will thank you for helping our planet with climate change, and ensuring California meets its renewable energy goals.

Solar Rebates

30% Tax Credit from Federal Government. Also rebates available through Southern California Edison.

Solar Costs Huntington Beach

On average homeowners are paying $3 - $4 per Watt. Send us your electricity bill, or inquire to get pricing today.

Solar and Renewable Energy Products Available

Commercial Solar Installation

Tired of the continues increase in costs for electricity? Solar Is the fastest growing alternative energy source in Southern California and we at Inner City Skyline are energy experts that can show you benefits of solar backup batteries, and rooftop solar installation for your commercial building, and warehouses.