General Contractors Huntington Beach

Whether you’re remodeling a small area of your home, or upgrading the entire property to energy efficiency, Inner City Skyline and our team of general contractors, architects and structural engineers would love to discuss your project in depth. We are family owned and operated licensed general contractors since 1989. We have multiple offices all over southern California include our headquarters in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles. We primarily focus on residential remodeling ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling, foundation repairs, flooring, windows and roofing.

Our general contractors can help you plan, construct, and remodel almost every part of your home, from inside to outside. Schedule your free estimate for your next remodeling project today.

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How Can We Help You? 

Learn about our different services by clicking on the free estimate button below. These are our most popular services for Huntington Beach and Los Angeles communities. 


Kitchen Remodeling

We provide cabinets, counters, kitchen tiles, and kitchen islands for homeowners. Schedule a free estimate to get our best deals today.


Landscape installation

Interested in sprucing up your landscaping for your home? Our landscape contractors would love to remove, replace, and install drought landscaping for your home. We offer artificial grass, lawn removal, drought tolerant landscaping and landscape design for homeowners. Get a quote today.


Patio Construction

Schedule A Free Estimate, Learn about our patio contractors today.


Bathroom Remodeling

Design and build the perfect bathroom for your home. We offer bathroom vanity installation, shower enclosure installation, bathroom tile installation for a custom design not found elsewhere. Get a free estimate for your bathroom today.


Garage Conversion

Inner City Skyline provides garage conversions for homeowners that want to add a guest house or rental income property for their home. Schedule your free estimate to start designing with blueprints.

concrete installation

Need concrete for your backyard, driveway, or walkways? Hire a general contractor and let us get you started with our concrete contractors today. Schedule a free estimate for affordable concrete repairs for the driveways for homeowners at the lowest prices.


Solar Energy and Going Energy Efficient

Learn about our different energy efficiency services available for homeowners that can help you save thousands in the long term. We help homeowners invest in there homes, and it begin the solar energy installation. 

Solar Panel Cost: $0 Down, 0% Financing Options


Solar Panel Systems

Save thousands of dollars and get tax credit with solar panel system today.


Solar water heater

Learn how solar water heaters can help you save energy and money in the long term.


Energy Audit

Schedule an energy audit to determine where and where the energy is going and how you can improve.


Solar backup Battery System

Learn about our solar backup battery systems today with a free estimate. Learn how you can make money today.

How Much Should Solar Costs?