Solar Water Heaters Installation

Solar Water Heater Rebates $4,366 Socal Gas

Inner City Skyline offers solar water heater installation and help with the rebate program. We provide services all areas serviced by Socal Gas. We are a full service licensed and insured contractor. Schedule your free estimate to get started today!

SoCalGas® wants to help you convert your residential, business or commercial property to a solar water heating system so you can save energy and take advantage of special tax incentives and rebates from the California Solar Initiative (CSI). Visit to learn more.

What are Solar Water Heaters?

Solar Water Heaters are one of the best heating mechanism used to heat the water supply of your home. Solar water heaters use solar panel system with connectors to your water storage to heat and keep. 

     Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

  • Capture clean energy from the sun

  • Use less natural gas or electricity for heating water

  • Save on your monthly utility bill

  • Make your home more sustainable

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´╗┐FAQ | Solar Water Heater 2019

How often does Solar Water heater need replacing? 

Most solar water heaters work flawless for 5-10 years depending on installation, and brand used for the water heater. 

Average Costs for Solar Water Heaters

Depending on the installers and materials used, average costs for solar water heaters are $4,760 - $9560. Scheduling your free estimate will determine exact costs and the system you will be obtaining. financing is also available! ask for details

What are some of the best brands for a solar water heater in Los Angeles or Orange County?

In Southern California, some of the best brands for solar water heaters are Rheem solar water heater, Honeywell solar water heater, or BOSCH solar water heater.

How much can I save with a solar pool heater?

A solar pool heater tends to costs homeowners anywhere between $3,500 - $12,500. Homeowners start to see savings after 3-5th year owning the system.

Do I need a licensed contractor or solar installer for my solar water heater installation?

Homeowners can get their solar water heaters installed properly whether you hire a general contractor like us, or a solar installer in Southern California. Our solar water heater estimates are available for homeowners in Los Angeles county, Orange County and Riverside.