Concrete Slab Pouring, Installation and Concrete Repairs in Orange County

Concrete Slab Pouring, Installation and Repairs in Orange County

Inner City Skyline and our concrete contractor provide free estimates for homeowners interested in pouring, repairing or installing new concrete slab in Orange County. We offer concrete slab installation in Irvine, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Lake Forest (Just some of the cities we provide, call for your area).

Pouring Concrete for your Concrete Slab in Orange County

Concrete slab construction involves prep work and a knowledgeable and experienced concrete contractor to professionally pour concrete for your slab.  There are numerous projects that require a concrete slab and finding a concrete contractor in Orange County is no easy task. Some of the main home improvement projects to consider are concrete slab for shed, concrete slab for patio area, and concrete walkways and driveways.

In order to successful pour concrete for your concrete slab project in Orange County; a few crucial preparations is needed for your project to go smoothly. Constructing the form for your concrete slab is one of the most important steps to consider. Our concrete slab formation crew can help construct the form out of wood and excavate the slab area for 7 inches as instructed by city inspectors. Next our concrete installers pour all-purpose gravel mix into the area and spread evenly. Once its ready, our concrete installers then pour the concrete mixture evenly and use straight edges to distribute the concrete evenly throughout the area. We then pour more concrete in sunken area and make sure the concrete is even with our leveling tools.

The project takes about 1-3 days depending on many different factors that go into designing and constructing a concrete slab for our client’s.

concrete slab forming

Concrete Slab Repairs Orange County

Homeowners in Orange County are aware of the constant seismic activities that are present in our county. Often times, these seismic activities cause concrete slabs to form cracks and sink in. In Orange County, Inner City Skyline offers free estimates to repair concretes that are cracked, sinking, or lifting up due to tree roots and seismic earthquakes. We repair concrete slabs by power washing the area, and assessing the area for causes. Often times its faulty concrete that needs to be broken up and new concrete to be poured again. In other situations, we provide epoxy fillers for concrete cracks and paint over the area to make it look like new.

  • Concrete Power Washing

  • Concrete Epoxy Fillers

  • Painting Concrete Slabs

Schedule a free estimate for concrete slab repair and replacements In Orange County. We are here to help you get started by scheduling a free visual inspection of the area and going over options to repair or replace the concrete slab. Give us or reply back to schedule a quote with our experts and we will show you how to save up to 15% Off your lowest price.