Staircase & Stair Railing Repairs in Services Orange County (Free Estimate)

Staircase & Stair Railing Repairs in Services Orange County (Free Estimate)

Tired of searching the web for a staircase installation contractor in Orange County? Inner City Skyline and our general contractor is proficient in staircase installation, staircase repairs and railing repairs in Orange County. Our general contractor has been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years, building and repairing staircases of all sizes and styles. Let us share our most common types of staircase repairs and how we help homeowners save on average up to 20% when they choose us over our competitors.

Wobbling Stair Railing Repairs

Wobbling stair railing repairs are common projects to consider for homeowners in Orange County that have stair railings. Stair railings can be found inside or outside your property. Outdoor stair railings are generally found in apartment complexes and are built out of wrought iron. Interior stair railings are generally built out of wood and designed to match the existing house. Railings tend to start wobbling and becoming loose for many reasons. Consistent usage is the most common cause of railing damages in Orange County. For interior railing repair, we send out our best carpenters to assess the damages and provide affordable repairs. An outdoor railing repair requires a general contractor to assess the cause of the wrought iron railing and determine why it is loose or failing. If your railings are loose, this is a hazard for elderly, children and disabled individuals that will go up and down your stairs. It’s a liability that needs to be repaired immediately. Consider a free quote from our staircase repair contractor, and carpenters in Orange County.

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Squeaking Stair Repairs

Are you noticing your flooring squeaking when you walk over it? Squeaking stairs are very annoying and are another common project for homeowners to consider repairs. Our contractor review squeaky stairs and can determine if the subflooring is failing or needs repairs. In addition to sub flooring, lose floor boards or bad installation can cause staircases to start squeaking or bubbling up. Inner City Skyline evaluates all repair and replacement projects in Orange County and can provide affordable repairs for homes. Learn about costs for squeaky floor repairs and floor installation in Orange County.

Broken Railing & Railing Repairs

Baluster or railings are a common area of the staircase that can break. Finding a contractor to professionally repair the area is often harder than it seems. Many general contractor won’t come out to such a small project, and we here to tell you that we are different. We provide free estimates for baluster repair; railings and other staircase related remodeling. Get help repairing small damages or replacing the entire area if need be.

Repairing Damaged Stair Steps

Interested in repairing a broken step for your indoor staircase or outdoor staircase in Orange County? Our stair remodeling contractor offers wood stair repairs and concrete stair repairs in most cities in Orange County. We review the damages with a free in-home estimate and show clients cost effective ways to repair their stairs. Schedule a free quote today to get started.

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