Drought Landscape Designer Long Beach

Finding a low price, low maintenance drought landscaper that can help you redesign your yard in Long Beach, should not be a difficult task. There are tons of gardeners, but very few landscape designers that specialize in Drought friendly designs for homes in Long Beach.

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Why Drought Landscape in Long Beach?

Water Costs Rising

Did you notice how much you are paying for water? There has been a rise in costs for water since the drought and Long Beach homeowners are paying a significant amount for water usage. One of the best ways to reduce water consumption is by removing and replacing your lawn with a drought tolerant design.

Allergies from Lawns

Have you noticed your allergies reacting to lawn, moist and the insects that come with the lawn? Removing and replacing it with a more modern design will eliminate your allergies, or reduce its effects if it was associated with lawn.

Helping Long Beach Preserve More Water

 Helping Long Beach preserve and supply water to where we need it the most is another big factor local residents are concerning themselves with when they choose to replace their lawns with a more drought tolerant design. To reduce the effects of the drought on city programs, everyone is doing their part to consume less water, and help long beach.

Landscape Design Estimates in Long Beach

Drought landscaping is not the only type of landscaping we do. We also provide SOD installation, artificial grass, tree removal and other services. We are landscape designers that provide free estimates in Long Beach. Our landscape designers can help you select the right material to achieve the look and design you were originally going for.

Landscape Designers Specialize in drought landscaping since its the most popular type of landscaping option homeowners are choosing when they decide its time to redesign their backyard. Let us help you get started.

Landscaping Rebates Available Long Beach

Los Angeles department of water and power is offering up to $2.00 Per SQFT for drought landscaping and drought friendly designs. You must have existing lawn with green grass to qualify. Schedule a free estimate to learn more.