Removing grass In Long Beach

Hundreds of homeowners are choosing to remove their green grass in order to help Long Beach and rest of Los Angeles preserve water, since our great drought. Drought landscaping is one of the best alternatives to lawns since it requires little water, and almost no maintenance. There are millions of variations to choose from, and we even offer California native plants which still require significant water, but far less than traditional lawns.

Lawn Removal and Lawn Installation Long Beach

Lawn Removal Service

Our clients expect a flawless design after removing the lawn but the initial lawn removal process is more important than anything else. The dirt needs to be refreshed, black tarp to be installed, to avoid weeds from growing underneath. Evening your lawn is another service that needs to be done right. If this is uneven, then what goes on top of the dirt will be uneven and look completely wrong.

If you are in the market for lawn removal, and lawn replacement, schedule your free estimate and let us help you get started in Long Beach, CA.

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