Artificial Grass Installers Long Beach

Artificial grass is one of the many options available for homeowners that are interested in removing and replacing their existing lawns. In Long Beach, more apartment complexes and commercial properties are choosing to upgrade to artificial grass since it’s practically no maintenance. This can help you eliminate the costs for regular lawn mowing, maintenance and water costs.

The best part of artificial grass is that premium quality artificial grass look like the real deal. It is hard to replace your lawn to a desert style, xeriscaping yard. It’s not for everyone, but saving water should be. In Long Beach, we have homeowners choosing turf as an alternative to grass.

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Nothing is better than free and that is what you get with artificial grass. No maintenance, no gardener, and much lower water bill.
— Ted - Los Angeles, CA
Our grass died in 2016 and left it like that for a long time. We saw ads for artificial grass, drought landscaping and concrete. We went with Artificial grass since my wife likes the grass look. it was a compromise on both sides, but i think we are happy! Inner City Skyline did a great job on the installation.
— Juan - Long Beach, CA

Installing Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass for homeowners is a privilege for Inner City Skyline landscape designers. Landscape installers first remove what currently is in place as your landscaping. Some homeowners have old dried lawns, while others have a variation of dirt lawns, and even succulents. In Long Beach, you rarely see fresh green lawns since the drought has limited homeowners from water the lawn.

After removing your existing landscaping,, finding the right artificial grass for your lawn could be something worth spending time on. We provide artificial grass from all major brands. Artificial grass comes in all shapes, sizes thickness and color. Its synthetic plastic and it is safe for pets and our earth.

Installing it can be tricky if you have not had the right experience. Making sure the edges are aligned, and even is an art form for our landscapers. If your artificial grass is not absolutely perfect, we will make it right.

Commercial Artificial turf installation

Inner City Skyline and our team of artificial turf installers ensure commercial artificial turf installations are done as smoothly as possible. In Long Beach, we have many businesses ditching old brown or dried out grass for artificial turf. Benefits are undeniable when you compare the savings in maintenance, water costs, and consistent look.

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