Drought Landscape Rebates Are Back! (Up To $1500 Off) 


Benefits Of Drought Landscaping

  • Lowest Prices On Drought Landscaping
  • Professional Landscape Design With Concrete 
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Specialists
  • 3D Designs / Artistic Approach to Backyard Design
  • Up to $1,500 Off your Landscaping Project | Rebates and Incentives Available Today

Drought Landscaping Rebate Program 

Drought Landscaping Rebates

Drought Landscaping rebates are one of the best in Los Angeles due to the severe drought that LA faces. Department of Water and Power is offering homeowners up to $2.00 per SQFT of rebates to “Cash In” on their lawns. Replace your now lawn with more sustainable design from Inner City Skyline and save water, help your environment and DWP save water.

Schedule A free estimate or call us for more details and information. Qualified lawns only; Details will be discussed at the time of appointment.

Things That Add Depth To Drought Landscaping

  • Drip irrigation Systems
  • Drought Succulent Landscaping Design 
  • Stamped and Stained concrete Design
  • Artificial Grasss
  • Bamboo Tree

Other Landscaping Services

  • Concrete installation
  • SOD / Lawn Installation
  • Artificial Grass installation
  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Installation
  • Backyard Design

Drought Tolerant Landscaping 

dd3 - Copy.jpg

Inner City Skyline offers landscaping designs that are drought tolerant for California climate. Our landscape designers offer a combination of concrete, fillers and drought friendly succulents for homeowners. Whether your interested in upgrading your front yard, or removing your entire backyard to become a more drought tolerant, our landscape designers can help you choose effective plants to meet your goals. 

We provide drought friendly irrigation system. Full size Agave plants are installed properly with stones, and other fillers to match your home. Creativity is king when it comes to a successful drought landscaping overhaul. Begin Today with a free estimate! 

SAVE UP to $1,200 Annually With Drought Landscaping. 

(Watering and Gardening on average cost $100 Per Month)