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SPECIAL $175 Per SQFT Room Additions Call For Details

If you are tired of living in a cramped space or interested in expanding your home, Inner City Skyline would love to discuss your room addition project. We offer free estimates for homeowners interested in expanding or adding a new room in Long Beach, CA.

Hire Inner City Skyline and let us construct your room addition with our pro room addition contractors in Long Beach, CA. Purchase blueprints, addition plans and permits for your addition project.

Room additions can be complex project with lots of variable and design elements. Our 28 years of remodeling experience can help assure you that we got everything under control with detail contracts, full crew of laborers and specialists to begin construction immediately. In Long Beach, our general contractor is aware of all the necessary permits required to perform any room addition to city code.

Blueprints and Construction Building Plans

2nd story Addition

When you have a small pot of lane, the only option for a room addition is going up. At Inner City Skyline, we know which zones allow 2nd story additions in residential areas all over Long Beach. We provide building plans, architectural plans and reinforcements to ceilings for 2nd story additions.

Our contractors can help you get started by assessing your homes structure, and showing you samples of what we have done in the past for your city, and estimate a price to get started.

Kitchen Addition

Kitchen additions in Long Beach are more common than you might think. If you are a homeowner that loves outdoor BBQ, cooking in a beautiful outdoor environment, upgrading your backyard to include an outdoor kitchen with a patio cover can make your outdoor grilling that much easier. This is for the grill masters, and bbq families that love eating and enjoying the backyard. If you imagined yourself cooking in your backyard, get a free estimate for your outdoor kitchen addition in Long Beach.

Living Room Expansion

Residential properties either consist of large bedrooms small living room space or vice versa. In Long Beach, if you purchased a home with a small living room and you need to expand for large family events, consider a free estimate today. Our general contractors in Long Beach look for cost saving opportunity like patio covers, room for expansions into other area of your house, and more. Schedule a free estimate to see if your home has room for expansion.

Garage Conversion

Converting your garage into living space is a common and affordable way to add more square footage to your home or add a income property for yourself. In Long Beach and rest of LA, the laws have changed and it has become easier and less costly for garage conversions. Schedule a free estimate and let us show you how we can help you pull the right permits, design and build your garage conversion. Our garage conversions include small kitchen area, bathroom, and sleeping area. We use creative designs to keep costs low, while obtaining the best results for our clients. Schedule your free estimate for your garage conversion today.

Our Testimonials Long Beach, CA

We were looking to add an income property for our home in Long Beach. Inner City Skyline did a great job by converting our garage into a unit at a price that made sense. Now we have that unit rented out and making a small profit.
— Yolanda Long Beach, CA
Needed blueprints approved for our guest house in Long Beach, CA. Found Inner City Skyline online and connected with the representative that came out. Estimate was within budget, so we went with them. Overall loved Sean and his professionalism.
— Sandra Long Beach, CA
Had our guest house remodeled with Inner City Skyline and it came out wonderful! John and his team were professional and did great for our home in Long Beach.
— Tim Long Beach, CA
Room Addition Long Beach
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