Bathroom Contractor In Long Beach

Inner City Skyline provides low cost bathroom remodeling services in Long Beach, CA for homeowners interested in hiring a general contractor. There are tons of contractors out there, but who can you really trust to repair your bathroom, or replace it entirely? Our bathroom remodeling contractors have a wonderful reputation with Contractors State Board (CSLB), better business bureau and social media sites like yelp. We offer our best bathroom remodeling estimators for free estimates on costs, project details, and design for your bathroom remodeling in Long Beach.  

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Long Beach Residential Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is no small project when comparing to other home improvement in Long Beach. Inner City Skyline and our general contractors in Long Beach can help you pull the right permits, design and build a bathroom you can be proud of. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can help you choose a bathroom theme, design every square inch of your bathroom with décor, layout structure, and even custom imported materials.

Schedule your free in home estimate to discover common area often effected during a flood, easily damaged materials for the bathroom, and how we provide options to avoid these costly mistakes. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are very familiar with Long Beach city code and what inspectors find acceptable remodeling and what can cause your bathroom from passing inspection.

We provide

  • Bathroom Design Plans

  • Bathroom materials (tub, toilet, shower enclosure, tile, LED  lights, copper plumbing)

  • Permits & Construction

  • Materials and Labor

Bathroom Remodeling Trends Long Beach, CA

In 2018, we have done several bathroom remodeling projects in Long Beach and local trends are pushing homeowners to become more energy efficient, repair damages and build modern bathrooms.

Replace My Vanity

In Long Beach, many homeowners are replacing single sink vanity with dual sink and easy maintenance for fast cleaning of counters. Learn more about costs, and time frame of completion for your vanity replacement project.

LED Lights Installation

We noticed a trend for homeowners that have old light bulbs. Most new bathrooms are being remodeled to include recessed LED lighting throughout the house and the bathroom is no different. Free Estimates are available.

Bathroom Tile Installation Floor to Ceiling

Early 2000’s homeowners installed bathroom tiles only for the floors of the bathroom. Modern bathroom remodeling includes tiles from floor to ceiling.