New Residential Windows and Doors For Irvine, CA Homeowners

Homeowners in search for a window and door contractors often have many questions, and set budget to get the windows replaced. First and foremost, homeowners are looking for the best prices on window replacements for retrofit windows and doors. That is what makes Inner City Skyline shine in Irvine, CA. We have the best prices, and one of the best window contractors in the area. Homeowners want to know they are getting the best price and the fastest installation possible for their homes. Our company installs windows in a few weeks, from ordering to arrival and installation.

At Inner City Skyline, we provide windows and doors in all materials including aluminum, wood and vinyl. When you decide it’s time to replace, we can schedule a free estimate and get you started and completed within 2 weeks or less.

We take the measurements, ensure homeowners questions are answered and homeowners are confident in their purchase when it comes to residential window installation. There are many common questions homeowners are eager to ask, so read below for answers and get started today.

How should I prepare for my initial window estimate?

Homeowners can prepare for their initial free estimate by determining the number of windows they are interested in replacing, planning a budget, checking if the windows are part of HOA responsibilities, or even determining a color that is best suitable for their home can escalate the estimate process.

How long does it take to install residential windows?

It takes about 2-3 days to install windows for the most challenging homes in Irvine, CA. For simple window installation of just a hand full of windows, most projects are completed within the same day. For more accurate details on pricing and installation time frame, call us to schedule a free estimate.

Are there any extra charges when it comes to window installation in Irvine?

Inner City Skyline and our team of contractors are flexible when it comes to remodeling. We do not charge additional fees or surprise our clients with new charges once we provide a contract. Our contracts help protect our interests and our customers as well.

Warranty for window installation?

Whether you’re just replacing one window, or a full set in your entire house, we honor all manufacture warranty and will service homeowners if a problem arises. Our installation process ensures your windows are done correctly, and we inspect the windows we install to ensure meets our expectations in terms of quality, and no visible defects.

Does Inner City Skyline just sell windows?

Inner City Skyline is the window and door purchasing and installation team. We compare costs from different vendors, and show you quality products at different price points. We also provide installation process, and cannot just resell the windows to consumers.

Hiring Inner City Skyline

Our window installation contractors are standing by to help you get started. We have the best prices, through different financing, promotions and rebates. Give us a call today to get started, or inquire online.

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