Kitchen Water damage restoration Irvine

Kitchen remodeling often rarely occurs since most kitchens are expensive, costs for maintenance are regular, and rarely do need to change things up unless you absolutely hate the design. What can truly throw a homeowner into a tail spin is when your kitchen floods and you left to clean up the water damage. In Irvine, we provide kitchen water damage restoration services for kitchens that had a faucet leak that turned mold, or a kitchen flood that is beyond repairs. Our kitchen remodeling team can help you learn about the different methods of restoring areas effected by floods or water damage and how we take on the insurance company so you as a homeowner get the right amount to repair or replace your kitchen.

Kitchen water damage repair irvine, ca

Insurance Claim Help for kitchen water damage

Homeowner’s insurance companies love to get away with paying their client less and that becomes more evident when you need them the most. In Irvine, homeowners are often paid out less if they cannot get the full extent of the damages. The insurance representative will under quote your project and the water damages that are seeping inside your wood cabinets can eventually turn to mold if its not completely restored or professionally replaced.

Get help with your Insurance Claim for your kitchen water damage restoration in Irvine, CA. We are here to help you get the most for your home.

Kitchen Mold damage and Water Restoration

What happens to your kitchen if left as is after kitchen water damage? In most cities, mold grows in moist and warm areas. If you experienced full-fledged water damage, then chances are water could be damaging areas under your kitchen cabinets. Mold could be growing under your cabinets, in areas that are hard to find, and even harder to test. Mold in Irvine can be a lawsuit if you sell your home without informing the new buyers. Also, mold damage that escapes your home into your neighborhood can turn your neighbors to file lawsuit against you.

Most often, water related damages would need to be cleaned, dried, and replaced with new materials. In Irvine, homeowners often prefer new materials versus cleaning off mold in existing kitchens.

Preventing Kitchen water damage

Many homeowners that go through the water damage restoration processes dread ever having to do it again. It’s challenging to find a contractor, deal with the insurance company, not to mention your own comfort being distorted. Most families have to actually live somewhere else till the repairs are done, while others just have to struggle with the limitation of not having a kitchen.

Preventing water damage from ever occurring is challenging but there are few tips to consider. Use premium quality materials like copper plumbing instead of cheaper PVC or PEX which are often used. Having regular maintenance to your plumbing, cleaning the drains and etc. to ensure you do not have clogged pipes that cause a pipe to burst, we recommend cleaning the pipes regularly and having a plumber inspect the kitchen or entire house. Also, inspecting under your kitchen sink is a great way of ensuring your kitchen does not have mold under the sink. Water often leaks there and it’s one of the most common areas that first show signs of damage.

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