Landscape Designers Irvine, CA

Interested in hiring a professional landscape designer for your home in Irvine, CA? Inner City Skyline offers free estimates on traditional lawn installation, drought landscape installation, lawn removal services, and artificial turf.

Our landscape designers help homeowners answer questions regarding each and every type of landscape designs our customers might be interested in and ensure you get the design best suited for your home.

4 Popular Landscape Design Service We Provide

Drought Landscape Designs

Drought landscaping has recently rose to the top of homeowners list of home improvement project to consider for the house. Drought landscaping can be affordable, intuitive and help homeowners save thousands each year on landscape maintenance and water consumption.

Project Costs: $7,540 - $15,340 Depending on specifics of layout, materials, size of the yard and more.

Traditional Lawn Installation

Traditional lawns are still one of the most popular type of landscaping even though we are in a severe drought in Irvine, CA. Most homeowners still enjoy watering the lawn and seeing the lushes green lawn when they open their doors. Our landscape designers can help you install new SOD for your front yard or backyard. Our lawn specialist will recommend the toughest lawns to withstand the drought.

Project Costs $6,540 - $13,450 Depending on specifics of layout, materials, size of the yard and more.

Lawn Removal & Native Landscaping

Before we can start the landscape design, the existing area needs to be cleared, leveled and prepared for the new installation. It does not matter if you choose to do drought landscaping, native California friendly landscaping, or SOD, the processes is the same.

Many homeowners dislike the succulent design layouts and prefer native California plants. We have a list of top 7 California native shrubs, plants, and tree we install for our clients interested in native landscaping. Schedule your free estimate to determine costs.

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf is another popular landscape design solution we provide our clients in Irvine, CA. Artificial turf or grass is great for area that require a lawn like landscaping. Home Owner Associations love artificial turf simply because it reduces water costs while still preserving the lawn like design. We can help with a free in-home estimate for apartment building, single family homes, or even commercial structures.

Project Costs $9,456 - $18,405 Depending on number of square footage, design, materials, and quality.