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Tired of looking for a roofing contractor for your roof repairs in Irvine, CA? Inner City Skyline provides low cost roofing repairs and roof replacement services in Irvine community. We serve the entire Irvine and Orange County, with multiple offices nearby, making us the best choice for local roofing repair services and roof replacements. 

Roof Repair Services

Irvine homeowners often repair roofs instead of replacing it since most of the homes are still new, and repairs can amend the damages. Our roof leak repair services help homeowners replace the area and not the entire roof. Other repairs include new roof tarp, tile replacements, and new waterproofing for the roof. 

For accurate roof repair pricing and costs, please call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Full Roof Replacements

Homes that have a faulty roof, or a roof that is damaged beyond repair, replacing it is the only option for homeowners in Irvine, CA. Our roofing contractors can help you calculate costs, show you sample materials, and educate you on the benefits of each type of roof. We also provide installation, materials and labor, once an agreement on price is made. 

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Other Roofing Relates Services

Skylight leak repairs is a common type of roof related project that a roofing service contractor can help repair. Our experts can seal loosely placed skylights, and replace skylights that are no longer functional. Schedule a free estimate today to get more information.

Roof vent replacements is another small project to consider. Small repairs to the vents, or installing a new vent in the roof requires an experienced roofer to cut the hole, install vents, and seal correctly to avoid leaks. 

Solar attic fans is last small project worth mentioning for homeowners. During summer hot days the attic can heat up and cause your home to be uncomfortably hot. Solar attic fans can help cool your roof, and reduce your energy costs. Get a quote today. 

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