Kitchen Cabinet Repairs Irvine

There are many beautiful homes in Irvine, and homeowners that live in Irvine, enjoy cooking in there beautiful kitchens. Homeowners often struggle to stay motivated, cook and clean your kitchen with broken cabinets, damaged or scratched surfaces throughout your kitchen, and even cabinets that have collapsed on one another. It is discouraging to say the very least, but thankful there are solutions for your cabinet repairs.

We are inner City Skyline, licensed contractors that provide kitchen cabinet repairs in Irvine, CA. We provide all types of wood repairs for kitchen cabinets including, resurfacing, sanding, staining, and cabinet replacements for different branded cabinets. Schedule a free estimate to begin today.


Repairing existing kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. Repairing your kitchen cabinets requires a master carpenter that has experience in matching designs, paint, and textures. Nothing worse than paying for a cabinet repairs and the cabinets do not match your existing kitchen.

Inner City Skyline and our team of cabinet repair technicians, carpenters and cabinet makers work together to build and match your existing cabinets.

We can help you repair cedar cabinets, redwood cabinets, traditional pressed wood cabinets, and even wood that is not mentioned here. Schedule a quote today to get prices.

Costs of Kitchen Cabinet Repairs

In Irvine, homeowners often ask questions regarding pricing before committing to a free estimate. Its understandable to avoid wasting time, and getting to the point, what will my cabinet repairs cost?

That is often harder to quote, without any specifics. Small repairs can be a few hundred, while full cabinet restorations can go into the thousands. Our estimators can help you understand the costs, and answer all your questions at the time of the appointment.

If your cabinets are in-repairable, we provide alternatives by showing you brand named kitchen cabinets that will match your home. Schedule a free estimate to get your cabinets replaced in Irvine.

Single cabinet repairs - $200 - $560

Multiple Repairs - $1,200 - $8,500