Succulent Landscaping Design Huntington Beach, CA

Are you tired of your traditional lawn designed backyard or front yard? Interested in designing your front yard with succulents, and other California native plants and shrubs? Inner City Skyline and our landscape designers provide professional succulent landscape designs for homeowners in Huntington Beach, CA. We pride ourselves on fast service, low prices and creative designs to inspire our community to help reduce water consumption.

xeriscape design huntington beach
drought landscaping huntington beach, ca

Xeriscape Succulent Landscape Design

Xeriscape succulent landscape design is a popular type of water conservation style for outdoor landscaping in Southern California. The key components of xeriscape is removing all fresh lawns and replacing it with fillers, succulents, cacti, shrubs and native California plants.

Benefits of Drought Tolerant Landscape

Our drought tolerant landscape design specialists provide  low maintenance xeriscape design for homeowners that want to help California preserve water, reduce their water consumption , reduce their utility bills, and reduce maintenance for their backyards.

How does saving on average $80 a month sound to you? That is what most homeowners that convert to drought tolerant landscaping get to save.

Water Management through Drought Landscaping

Inner City Skyline uses grey water system and intelligent irrigation to reduce water consumption and save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year.

Grey Water system uses “grey water” from your home to store and water your lawn when you need to at the end of the day. By installing a grey water system, homeowners get to reuse the water from their home when it comes time to watering your lawn.

Intelligent Irrigation

Irrigation systems are an important aspect to consider when considering drought landscaping for your home. The entire idea is to save water, but without intelligent irrigation systems its merely 50% effective.

Inner City Skyline uses smart technology to curate a system to help you reduce your water consumption. We use smart sensors that know when it’s time to water your succulents and how much water they need. We use above ground drip irrigation system custom designed for your home.

Free Drought Landscaping Estimate

The first step in any home improvement project is contacting a local contractor to help you price your project and ensure the work can get down in a timely manner. Schedule a free estimate with Inner City Skyline landscape designers and let us design your drought tolerant backyard today.

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