Sprinkler System And Drip Irrigation

Everything you need to know about sprinkler systems and drip irrigation can be found here on our site when it comes to landscaping your backyard in Los Angeles

Our backyard designers and drought landscaping contractors work with our laborers to install a fully automated backyard sprinkler system for lawns, and drip irrigation system for our succulent low maintenance landscape designs. 

Our free estimates ensure our homeowner clients get the best value, lowest prices and a backyard they can be proud of. Our backyard designers custom design your area to match your everyday needs including building patios, fence installation, lawn removal and replacements, tree removal and system to utilize the lowest amount of water for your backyard. 

Sprinkler Systems In Los Angeles

Our drought landscaping, lawn installation business is mostly done out of our Los Angeles office and sprinkler installation is popular for homeowners. Los Angeles has one of the most extreme humid and hot weather conditions that roast our lawns without proper sprinklers. 

Our services range from sprinkler repair, new installation and lawn removal for backyard with sprinkler systems already in place. Whether its your first backyard transformation, or decided its time to replace that old dried out lawn, we can help you get the proper sprinkler system to always keep your backyard looking green and fresh. 

Drip Irrigation System Los Angeles

Drip irrigation systems are popular types of water system for your backyard. Its common for homeowners to install drip irrigation system for drought friendly landscaping. Succulents require less water, and more direct approach to keeping moist. Also, same applies to rose bushes and other types of specific landscaping that is geared towards a more water conscious system. 

Schedule A Free Estimate

Homeowners looking for pricing and details regarding their sprinkler system can schedule a free estimate with our landscape designers, and we can asses the costs and give you an excellent price on removing, replacing or installing new sprinklers or irrigation system for your backyard. Schedule a free quote, its no obligation free estimate for Los Angeles and Orange County.