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Concrete Patio Area for Homeowners

Patio areas for the backyard are common project for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA. Patio areas are designated area designed to include concrete floors, with patio cover, and natural elements to entice and relax your friends and family when you host in your backyard. It’s a common area for relaxing and enjoying California summer days and nights.

Homeowners can do without a concrete patio area designated to entertain, however that is the best part of your backyard redesigning. Making a place that you are both proud of and space that fits your lifestyle is the point of patio area. It’s a costly project, but a project that can make your backyard into a magical space to host parties, and entertain family.

Simple Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Simple concrete patios are designed for functionality and are cost effective for the backyard. In Los Angeles, most homeowners choose a simple concrete design since the concrete can easily crack and deform if a strong enough earthquake hits. Simple concrete patio designs include single texture and single color format. Prices range from $9 - $14 per sqft.

Complex concrete patio covers are more diverse in textures and colors and can range in prices. We have done several types of textures including mimicking natural stone, designed textured concrete and  colors to match. Each home is different, and budgets can range from mid-range to high depending on the materials selected and design you are interested in achieving. Designing concrete is an art form with

Stamped Concrete verses Stained Concrete

Stamped concrete is one of the best ways to add texture and is what is known for the most luxurious customization available in concrete. Staining is the process of adding color to concrete. It can be combined with stamped concrete to create a truly custom backyard that stands out. In Los Angeles, our backyard designers have noticed trends for concrete stamping and staining combined. Homeowners that are interested in building a specific themed driveway will use concrete stamping techniques and staining for homeowners. Also, projects for the backyard include patio area, and more.

Concrete Patio Costs

Most homeowners are searching the inter webs for pricing and details regarding the costs of concrete patios when searching for a patio contractor for their home. In Los Angeles, average costs of concrete patios tend to range from $6750 - $18,350 depending on the design, staining and textures our clients require. Simple slab concrete patios are ranging from $2350 - $3540 for 300 Sqft size area.