Lawn Removal Service

Are you considering removing your lawn? Looking for lawn removal specialists to help you remove and replace your lawn with something different? Inner City Skyline helps homeowners replace their lawns with drought tolerant designs, concrete, swimming pools, or anything else you are considering for your backyard. Our landscape designers are local to southern California and provide free estimates in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Get Started today by scheduling a free estimate. Our free estimate will introduce our representative and landscape designers, help you understand the costs and project details, while we help calculate a custom price for your specific size backyard. It’s absolutely free for homeowners, so please inquire today and get started.

Benefits of Lawn Removal

There are many benefits to consider when removing your lawn in Los Angeles. Early 2018, Los Angeles department of water and power (LADWP) has brought back their most popular rebate program; Turf removal. Most customers can qualify up to $2 off per square foot on lawn removal and replacing it with drought friendly design.

Other benefits of lawn removal include allergy free area for yourself if you have allergies from lawns. This is another big factor for homeowners in southern California. If you are allergy free, and want to save water, you can do so by replacing your lawn and having more natural California friendly plants installed with fillers. This reduces water costs, and eliminates the need for a Los Angeles gardener. You know how costly they can be and more often than not disappointing and unreliable.

Upgrade your backyard with a lawn less custom design that makes your neighbors envious of your backyard. Get started with us today and let us help you remove your lawn in LA and Orange County.

Costs of Lawn Removal

Homeowners are always looking for cost effective ways to remove and replace their lawns in southern California. Often lawns dry out, become unbearable to deal with, and need to be replaced. Costs of lawn removal can range depending on who you hire and what could happen next. A low budget, inexperienced landscape designers have a major problem after the lawn removal. A few years later, weeds grow, and the backyard needs to be redesigned again. An overpriced landscape architects price projects 300% markup and have a low budget gardener do the work.

What makes Inner City Skyline different is our commitment to quality work, and dependability. We are not the cheapest, but our prices are market competitive. Lawn removal just alone can cost between $1200 - $2000 depending on the size of the backyard and more. We do have a minimum number of square footage required before we can take on the project. Prices will vary depending on what you want to have in place after the lawn removal.

Hiring a landscape specialist

Our landscape designers in Los Angeles are the best in the industry. We have received many landscaping awards, helped thousands of homeowners replace and upgrade the backyard into a low water consuming paradise. Our free estimates and 35% Off promotions help homeowners save thousands of dollars on a customer backyard for their home! Schedule a free estimate today for your home. We have offices in Los Angeles, and in Huntington Beach. We service homeowners from Santa Monica to San Clemente. Get our best deals today!