Landscaping Services In Huntington Beach, CA

Inner City Skyline offers a wide array of landscaping services for homeowners interested in hiring a landscape contractor for their backyards in Huntington Beach, CA. Our landscape designers can help you replace your lawn with drought landscaping, install artificial turf, replace or install SOD for your home. Schedule a free estimate today to get started.

drought landscape design

Up to $5000 in Drought Tolerant Turf Rebates for Approved Design | Call Today to get started or learn more!


Lawn Removal

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars each year just to maintain your lawn? Inner City Skyline offers lawn removal and replacement services for homeowners interested in making the switch to drought landscaping. Our landscape designers offer low maintenance landscape design solutions for homeowners interested in reducing water consumption and maintenance costs. Schedule your free lawn removal estimate in Huntington Beach today.

Turf Rebate Program

Are you interested in replacing your landscaping with the help of the Turf Rebate Program that is available in certain cities across California? Huntington Beach homeowners can help get their drought landscaping design paid for with qualified landscape design. Learn more about the turf replacement rebate program from


Succulent Landscaping and Native California Design

Succulent landscaping and xeriscape is what California landscaping is all about. Traditional lawn design was never intended for California, but adopted to present a certain look and feel. As California grows, so does its needs for water consumption and traditional lawns are no longer a viable options for homeowners. Switching to drought tolerant landscape design with native California plants will help add curb appeal and reduce water consumption. Let Inner City Skyline help you redesign your front yard, or backyard with shrubs, tree, and California native plants.

Lawn and stone installation with boulders
retainer wall and traditional SOD installation
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landscape Contractors

Hiring a Professional low maintenance landscaping contractor can help you design a spacious backyard and help maximize your benefits. Our team of qualified landscape contractors and drought landscaping specialist’s work together to help you achieve a space you’re happy with.

Whether you’re interested in Low Maintenance Landscaping, or traditional landscaping services, we can help. We also do SOD installation, irrigation systems like drip irrigation, and sprinkler installation. Schedule your free landscaping estimate and meet our designers. Its free for homeowners.

Passionate Landscape Designers

Passionate landscape contractors like us know what you are looking for in a professional. We keep area clean and always a phone call away. Many customers have questions throughout the project and we make sure your questions get answered. We are local for southern California, offices in Los Angeles and Orange County. We take the time to meet you with our free estimates, so we can earn your business by providing a realistic and competitive price. Schedule a free estimate today.