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Solar backup batteries for rooftop solar installation is one of the growing trends in solar in 2018. Homeowners are tired of the utility companies unfair net metering and solar backup batteries are the only way to truly be “Off-Grid”. What does off-grid really mean? Why would that be beneficial for a homeowner? What value can it bring to your home? These are valuable questions we will explore and show you ways that off grid technology has advanced enough for homeowners to be completely off grid.

Why Homeowners Should Care About Solar Backup Battery

Solar battery systems are the best options available for homeowners that are truly interested in off grid technology. When homeowners disconnect from the grid, this means a few things. You no longer will be powered by the central grid that powers the rest of your city. Additionally, you are in control 100% of the energy you receive. The way this occurs is producing energy and lots of it when you can, and storing it in your backup battery systems that you have on your property. When it comes to nighttime, or when energy is not being produced, you rely completely on your battery system to power your electronics.

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A real world example

Do you love going on camping trips? If you do, then you can understand that (portable batteries or backup batteries) are needed to power electronics while your away from it all. Without it, your cell phone cannot be charged, and your social media accounts will have to wait. Once your electronics no longer have power internally, you rely on a backup battery pack you probably purchased off Amazon or EBay. Hope that is clear why someone would need a backup battery system when they no longer want to deal with a utility company.

Benefits of Battery Systems for Home Solar

There are thousands of benefits that backup battery system for solar can provide you, but there are three benefits that stand out above all else.

1.       If you live in Los Angeles, often times the power goes out for a few hours and the damage to electronics can be severe without proper surge protectors. If you run your own backup battery system, the electricity will never run out. Our backup power analysis system ensures you get the best results.

2.       If you noticed your electricity bill rise at least 20%, then you can benefit drastically from taking your electricity needs off grid. Solar energy is the future of energy and what Nicola Tesla envisioned way back when. With solar and backup battery system, your energy costs stay the same; one low monthly fee to own your own grid. No more unexpectedly high utility costs with a backup battery system.

3.       If you have solar panels already installed on your rooftop, you will completely understand how unfair the new net metering laws are. The utility companies are taking advantage of low cost solar energy, and charging homeowners almost 3x more in grid power when homeowners purchase it at night. With a off grid system, you are fully taking advantage of every dime you generate, without paying interest to the grid. Let us show you how to get started with a free consultation.

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Top Brands for Battery Backups

LG Chem RESU battery is one of the more affordable backup battery systems designed to utilize both maximum energy consumption from local, and to restore power if you use the system with on-grid solar panels.

Tesla Powerwall – Is an expensive, but highly powerful system for backup power storage. Its slim design and modern technology makes it the most recommended product for both on-grid and off-grid solar projects

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