Room Addition In Lake Forest, CA

Room additions are the fastest way to add value to your property. In Lake Forest, CA our addition specialists work with homeowners to expand bedrooms, add bathrooms, add 2nd story, and even convert garage into guest area or additional room for family. 

Lake Forest, CA Room Additions - New construction

Garage Conversion Lake forest, CA

Garage conversions are one of the best options for homeowners to quickly add more room to your property. Garages are one of the least used places and most Americans use it for storage. We can build a small shed for your storage needs and expand your home into your garage. A permitted garage conversions can increase your square footage, and based off the square footage your home can value much higher quickly. 

Adding 2nd Story To My House

Homeowners that have a single story home, can add a 2nd story in Lake Forest. Homeowners need approval from city inspections and some modification to the house as the first steps to getting your 2nd story. Schedule your free estimate with our local contractor for your 2nd story addition. 

Expanding Living Room Lake Forest

Every addition project begins with blueprints and approval. A licensed and insured architect is your first step. When you choose to work with Inner City Skyline, we ensure you work with our experts that know how to get designs approved, and the work to be performed smoothly. Our representatives work with local architects and our general contractor for all expansions for living rooms, dining rooms, and adding square footage to homes. Schedule your free estimate with our general contractor and let us help you get started today.