Kitchen Remodeling Lake Forest, CA

At Inner City Skyline, our kitchen remodeling contractors are the best in the industry; specializing in custom and prefabricated kitchen remodeling in Lake Forest, CA. We understand that Lake Forest homeowners enjoy cooking gourmet meals for their families. That is why when we remodel a kitchen, we ensure kitchen functionality, kitchen design and layout are considered above all else.

Our kitchen designers use aesthetics from nature, and our surroundings to build beautiful kitchens in Lake Forest. We offer the best cabinets that last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on recommending easy to clean and maintenance free quartz countertops for residential kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Resurfacing Lake Forest, CA

Most homeowners have well-built kitchens that are simply outdated in the 21st century.  Inner City Skyline and our cabinet resurfacing teams offer low cost methods of remodeling cabinets that are in good condition.

First, our kitchen remodeling contractor strip away the cabinet doors, drawers, hinges and other hardware that is located on the front of the cabinets. We then install durable solid wood veneer over the cabinet frames with a distinctive look that our customers and designers agree upon in advance. Next we custom treat the cabinet doors and drawers to match the veneer. Once complete, your kitchen gets a new look without spending a fortune on new cabinets.

Schedule your cabinet resurfacing estimate today for your home in Lake Forest, CA

Counter Top Repairs Lake Forest, CA

Notice chips, cracks, stains or discoloring for your counter tops? Inner City Skyline and our kitchen contractors offer counter- top repair services for homeowners. We offer laminate counter-top repair, which is one of the most common types of counter-tops found in homes.

We also replace existing counter-tops with new counter tops to match newly resurface cabinets. Replace your counter tops with butcher wood countertops, stainless steel counter tops or your traditional stone counter tops today.