Garage Conversion Lake Forest, CA

Are you planning on converting your garage into a guest house in Lake Forest, CA? Inner City Skyline is your local licensed general contractor for garage conversion and accessory dwelling unit construction for entire Lake Forest community.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider converting your old garage into living space for rental income, but the obvious reasons are extra cash, sustainable future, and added value to your property. Some homeowners can retire early after converting their garage into rental income. Others use the space for young adults that need their own room. Scheduling a free estimate with our general contractor can help you understand the costs for the garage conversion, check zoning rights, meet our crews and learn how we save homeowners on average 11% in comparison to other licensed general contractors in our community.

Lake Forest Garage conversion

Room Addition Costs in Lake Forest, CA

In Lake Forest, CA most homeowners are paying up to $175.00 per Square foot of addition construction. Room additions are new construction projects that need to be constructed from the ground up. Since most homeowners do have a garage, garage conversion are far more affordable per square foot.

On average, it is about 45% less in costs for a garage conversion when compared to a new construction or room addition in Lake Forest.

Garage Conversion Construction

Garage conversion construction projects require blue prints also known as architectural plans. It is required since garage conversion need to be approved by City of Lake Forest to ensure zoning permits adding another accessory dwelling unit on the same property.

Once architectural plans are approved, our general contractor in Lake Forest works with our clients to schedule our crews to start tearing down walls, adding insulation, repairing flooring, constructing bathrooms, and kitchens. Our contractors work with city official to get the right permits, and avoid costly mistakes to ensure your project stays within budget.

Plan your garage conversion today by taking the first step and scheduling a free estimate. Our specialists are standing by to hear from you,