Landscape Services Lake Forest, CA

Interested in hiring a landscape designer or landscape contractor for your home in Lake Forest, CA? At Inner City Skyline, we work with the best landscapers in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering different options for homeowners, whether you’re interested in drought tolerant landscape, artificial grass, or traditional SOD installation.

Lawn installation and Landscape Services Lake Forest, CA

Drought Tolerant Landscape

Lake Forest residents have enjoyed the traditional style landscaping and sometimes a modern design can help homeowners reach their goals. Drought tolerant landscaping is not only water-wise, its also low maintenance landscaping. It is one of the best options for homeowners that enjoy landscaping but no longer have the energy to spend the time it takes to maintain a traditional style landscape design. Drought landscaping also reduces water consumption and helps homeowners save on average $50 a month. Schedule your landscape design service in Lake Forest today.

Drought Landscaping Lake Forest, CA

Artificial Grass

If you enjoy the traditional lawn, but rather avoid paying the maintenance and water bill you have options in Lake Forest. Inner City Skyline and our landscape designers offer artificial grass that looks and feels like the real grass. Our artificial grass is pet friendly for families that have dogs and cats. Homeowners with children can also enjoy the artificial turf without harming the health of their loved ones. Artificial turf is a one-time installation and homeowners enjoy a lifetime of artificial grass without much maintenance. Schedule your free estimate in Lake Forest today and let us show you samples of our premium artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Lake Forest, CA

Traditional SOD installation (Lawn Service)

In Lake Forest and much of California, temperatures often rise to extreme measures and lawns tend to dry out rather quickly. Our landscape designers often replace traditional lawns with SOD to keep grass looking fresh and green. Our landscape service in Lake forest includes professional SOD installation with sprinklers system that will ensure your lawn survives the scorching summer days of California. Schedule your free estimate to get prices on traditional lawn installation and replacement in Lake Forest.