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Are you a homeowner interested in hiring a general contractor in Corona, CA? Inner City Skyline provides remodeling and home improvement services for homeowners in Corona. We are fully licensed and insured, with over 30 years of remodeling experience and local contractors that provide exceptional service at low prices.

Interested in scheduling a free estimate in Corona? We provide same day estimates for most projects in Corona, CA. Our general contractor can help you select the right materials, pull the right permits, and help you start any remodeling you might be considering for your home. We are experts in Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling that help homeowners add value to their properties. We also do renovations and repairs for kitchens, bathrooms, roof, and foundation.

Planning on converting your old garage into a guest house for rent in Corona, CA? We have the expert garage conversion specialists that provide free estimates in Corona. Compare blueprints costs with others in your community.

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Interested in remodeling your bathroom in Corona? Hire Inner City Skyline and get it done right.

Upgrade your kitchen with all the latest features and designs for your home in Corona, CA.

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Garage Conversion

Upgrade your garage into a separate unit for rent in Corona, CA. Get started with your garage conversion in 92880 zip.

Roof Repairs in Corona, CA Schedule a free estimate, get help with your leaky roof today.

Schedule a free estimate drought landscaping, sod installation and backyard design in Corona, CA.

Get your windows and doors replaced in Corona, CA Today. Get a free estimate now.

We Have Satellite Offices In Corona, CA To Better serve our community


Frequently Asked Question  

Why Hire a General Contractor in Corona, CA?

Hiring a general contractor in Corona, CA is required for most large scale remodeling projects. Whether you're interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, a general contractor can help you hire local workers to perform the remodel, or do the work themselves. Our general contractor does both. In addition to managing remodeling projects, a general contractor might provide better pricing for materials and outbid other tradesmen for larger projects like garage conversion or adding more square footage to your property. You can compare costs by inquiring.

How long should a bathroom remodel take?

A contractor works as fast as they are paid too and in Corona, we tend to average a bathroom remodel in less than two weeks. To determine how long a bathroom remodeling would take, you must calculate material selection time, and delivery. A full bathroom in Corona should not take longer than two full weeks.

What should I be paying for garage conversion in Corona, CA?

If you have a well built garage and you plan on converting it to a separate unit for rent, you found the right contractor for the project. In Corona, Ca we save homeowners up to 7% when you compare our prices to other general contractors in the region. How do we save? We buy materials in bulk to pass on savings to our clients. We remodel efficiently without any errors and avoid using more materials then we should be. Everything is calculated, so inquire today to get our best prices.

Why you should hire Inner City Skyline for Energy Upgrade California renovations in Corona, CA?

Inner City Skyline offers free estimates for homeowners considering any upgrade that fall in line with Energy Upgrade California. We offer our well trained energy audit teams to assess your homes energy efficiency and provide free estimates for areas we deemed can be improved. Our free estimates go over material selection and costs. Compare our free estimate with others in Corona, CA