Kitchen Remodeling In Corona, CA

Interested in hiring a kitchen contractor for kitchen remodeling in Corona, CA? Our general contractor has been trained on kitchen construction, remodeling and design to help our clients build the most productive and functional kitchen imaginable.

Our kitchen contractor provides cabinets, countertops, kitchen tile and carpentry services for homeowners in Corona, CA. We recently upgraded our kitchen services and now offer free estimates for Corona homeowners. Schedule a free estimate with our kitchen contractor and learn about the different types of cabinets, which countertops are the best for your kitchen, and what we do differently for our clients in Corona.

Kitchen Remodeling Corona, CA
Kitchen Design With backsplash and color

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Corona, CA

Most kitchen contractors provide fresh new installation but rarely you will find a contractor that can offer both, kitchen cabinet refinishing and cabinet installation in Corona. Our kitchen contractors are different and offer homeowners options at almost every price point you can imagine.

Cabinet refinishing or resurfacing is a process that turns good cabinets into fresh new designs by sanding, staining and repainting the kitchen into the design you want to achieve. Our kitchen contractors are proficient in rustic kitchen design, traditional craftsman style kitchens, and modern kitchens with minimalistic design.

Share your Pinterest pins, save an image and share. Our kitchen contractors in Corona will help you price your kitchen renovations and help you save money.

Kitchen Countertop Repair In Corona, CA

Inner City Skyline has done several remarkable kitchen renovations in Corona, CA which has brought us the right experience to repair or replace any countertops you might have for your kitchen. Our kitchen contractors provide kitchen countertop repairs for granite countertops, natural stone countertops, laminate countertops and marble countertops for homeowners. If your countertops are scratched, chipped or stained, we would love to schedule a free estimate. If you scheduled an estimate and couldn't find a contractor for your countertop repairs, we would love to hear from you.

If your just tired of your countertops and want to replace them with new design, we are here to help you get started too. Our kitchen contractors can remove and replace your old countertops with ease and offer a better product, at a competitive price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for Cabinet Refinishing in Corona?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can costs homeowners anywhere between $4,750 - $15,400 depending on the design and availability from our kitchen contractor in Corona. During off peak months which is mostly in the summer, costs can be on the lower-end between $4,750 - $9,400. If you plan on refinishing your kitchen cabinets during peak months, it will range closer to $6,400 - $15,400 depending on availability, type of finish and design.

What is the most trendy countertop material used in kitchen remodeling?

In Corona, many homeowners are opting for wood countertops that with white cabinets and matching accents. for homeowners interested in butcher wood countertops, we recommend using only premium treated wood that come finished and sealed.

How many cabinets should I have for my kitchen in Corona?

Cabinets are chosen based off the design aspects  and how functional a homeowner needs their kitchen to be. If you cook more and need a kitchen that can store all your tech goodies like blender, rice cooker, or etc. you might need more cabinets. Other families that survive off of frozen kitchens need less cabinet space and more of a beautiful kitchen hood with a fancy microwave for all their food heating needs.  On average, 10 - 20 cabinets is acceptable for a midsize kitchen.

What should I expect for warranty for my kitchen remodeling?

Inner City Skyline provides warranty from manufactures depending on the type of materials you select. We provide 1 year warranty for our kitchen installations. We believe in a hassle free experience and will do our part to make it easy to repair or replace the damaged areas around your kitchen.