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Planning on remodeling your bathroom and need to hire a local bathroom contractor in Corona, CA? Inner City Skyline provides award winning bathroom remodeling and repair services for homeowners. We only provide free estimates for homeowners, so businesses that need bathroom remodeling should consider another contractor.

Why Our Bathroom Contractors?

If you need a licensed and insured bathroom contractor that provides free estimates in Corona, you have came to the right website. Our bathroom contractor has over 30 years of remodeling experience. We build bathrooms right and bring old bathrooms to code by reviewing city standards set in place by City of Corona. We have the best plumbers and electricians that have the right experience to bring your old bathroom up to code. We love building functional bathrooms. Compare our prices with other contractors from Corona by inquiring today.

Bathroom Remodeling Design Corona, Ca

Need help repairing your bathroom in Corona?

Our bathroom contractors not only offer full bathroom remodeling but minor bathroom repairs in Corona, CA. We helped homeowners replace a single bad tile, while other homeowners wanted us to replace the entire bathroom area due to water damage. In Corona, we do it all. We provide warranty for the work we perform and our bathroom designers can install almost anything you need for your bathroom.

Some of the more popular bathroom repair projects are shower door replacements, removing and replacing bath tub, installing recessed lights for bathroom ceilings, mold remediation and bathroom tiling.

Bathroom Remodeling

Vanity Installation Or Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Corona homeowners have options when it comes to vanity repairs and vanity replacements. Our bathroom contractors offers amazing deals on vanities found at Home Depot and Lowes. We pass on huge savings to our clients by working with few vendors and purchasing in bulk. Our bathroom contractor can help you select the best vanity for your bathroom.

Building A Shower Enclosure

The trend for most homeowners is to replace the bath tub with a free standing shower enclosure custom designed with pebble floors and tile. If you are interested in replacing your tub with a shower enclosure or a frame-less shower, we would love to schedule a quote. Our bathroom contractor will ensure you get the best prices in Corona, CA.

Bathroom Tiling and Paint

Sometimes the best way to renovate your bathroom in Corona, is to retile and paint the bathroom itself. Our bathroom contractor works with bathroom tile installers that have been installing tiles for over 25 years. We bid lower, we save homeowners more money, while reducing accidental tile cracks by nearly 50%. A fresh coat of paint will make any bathroom look and feel new again. Compare our prices for bathroom renovations and remodeling with others in Corona.

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Common Bathroom Remodeling Questions In Corona

How much does bathroom remodeling cost in Corona?

Inner City Skyline is your local bathroom contractor in Corona, CA and we can help estimate the costs for remodeling your bathroom in Corona. Schedule a free estimate to get our best prices today. Mention our website for additional 5% off.

What is the best plumbing to use for bathroom remodeling in Corona?

There are a number of different plumbing materials to use for your bathroom remodeling in Corona. If you are limited on your budget, get PEX plumbing. If you have the budget, get copper plumbing, its truly worth it. If you want something somewhere in the middle between PEX (really cheap plumbing) and expensive plumbing  (Copper Plumbing) we recommend PVC pipes. Overall more bang for your buck.

Can Inner City Skyline provide pebble tile flooring for bathrooms in Corona?

Inner City Skyline does offer pebble tile flooring for shower enclosures, and frame-less showers in Corona. Get our best prices today by inquiring.