Backyard Remodeling and Design in Corona, CA: Our Guide

Interested in redesigning your backyard and need a backyard remodeling company in Corona, CA? Inner City Skyline and our team of contractors in Corona offer free estimates to help homeowners get the BEST PRICES for any backyard remodeling and design. Our landscape designers, masonry contractor and general contractor work together in formulating a plan to include your new fountain, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, drought tolerant landscaping, concrete slab or even fence to better protect your property. Schedule a free estimate and learn about our cost saving guide to getting these projects completed for your home in Corona, CA.

Our Contractors in Corona are Experts At...

  • Fountain Installation

  • Swimming Pool Construction

  • Outdoor Kitchen Design

  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping

  • Concrete Slab Stamping, Staining and Repairs

  • Wood Fence Installation

Backyard Remodeling Costs In Corona

There are many different variables to calculate before a price can be given, and any logical homeowner should understand this prior to seeking estimates online. Our licensed contractor provides free estimates for homeowners that are serious and ready to get started with a local contractor in Corona.

In 2019, homeowners on average spent about $12,455 on backyard renovations and these numbers are set to increase in 2020. If you plan on remodeling your backyard and are interested in getting our best prices in Corona, fill out our contact form below.

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Backyard Remodeling Services We provide

Water Feature Installation For Your Backyard

There is nothing more relaxing then listening to a beautiful fountain splash water around while sipping on a new cup of coffee. Our backyard remodeling contractor offers custom fountains for homeowners interested in adding this feature to their homes. Create a space where you can relax and enjoy nature with a beautiful water feature designed to highlight the features of your backyard. Our backyard designers can help you maximize your backyard with a free estimate in Corona.

Swimming Pool Construction: For All Your Pool Parties

Swimming pools are great for parties in the backyard, and we built our swimming pools with the latest equipment for efficiency and design. Having a swimming pool constructed for your home in Corona puts you in the elites that can afford to rising costs in water and electricity for Corona homeowners. When we built swimming pools, we make sure the plumbing is done right to include the most efficient water pumps and retractable swimming pool covers to reduce evaporation and cleaning costs. Make your next birthday party a pool party and let us help you construct your swimming pool in Corona.

Swimming pool design in Corona, CA

Outdoor Kitchen for all your Grilling Needs

If you enjoy grilling outdoors, then building an outdoor kitchen just makes sense for your home in Corona. Constructing your outdoor kitchen will give you the resources to host BBQ parties, fast and easy grilling without destroying your homes kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens can include either your own grill turned into an outdoor kitchen or we can help you get the best grill in the market. We then build cabinets that last under your very own patio cover. Our outdoor kitchen designers use sturdy wood that is treated for weatherization to last and countertops that are scratch resistant. Compare our prices with other backyard contractors for your outdoor kitchen project. The very least we can do is build a custom fire pit and run the gas lines so you won't have to get a propane every time you want to roast some marshmallows.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping In Corona

If you own your property in Corona, you know how costly water can be and how beneficial drought tolerant landscaping can be for your home. Drought tolerant landscaping designs can help you reduce your water consumption and in turn help you save hundreds of dollars each year on unnecessary watering of your lawn. If you must have a traditional landscape design like a front lawn, we have artificial grass that looks and feels like real grass. The benefit of having artificial grass are reducing water for the outdoors and not having the need for maintenance each and every month. That can be a combined savings up to $200 a month. If we can help you save $200 a month, would you consider a free estimate? Schedule a free estimate today and let us help you get rebates to help pay for some of the costs for your landscaping project in Corona.

Concrete Slab Repair, Stamping and Staining

If you planning on repairing the cracks in your concrete slab for your backyard, you have found the best contractor for your project. Inner City Skyline offers concrete slab repairs, stamping and staining services to make your concrete slab look and feel like pavers, or natural stone. Concrete verses other materials costs far less. If you plan on building a new concrete slab in Corona, you can get a free estimate from our contractors to design and build the perfect design for your home.

Wood Fence For Privacy and Security

In Corona, wood fence is one of the best options for privacy and security in the area. If you want to enjoy your backyard in private or mark your property line, a fence is the best option. For Corona homeowners, can build a custom wood fence to match any other structures they have in their backyard. Our fence contractors in Corona offers free estimates for hand crafted wood fences and prefabricated designs available at your local hardware store. Our prices are unmatched while leaving our customers wanting more of our renovations. Compare our fence repair or fence replacement costs by inquiring today.

Fence Design For your Backyard In Corona

Free Backyard Remodeling Estimate In Corona

There are many contractors in Corona, but very few offer the level of detail we provide our customers. You can get started by scheduling a free estimate for any of the backyard renovations we offered in this article and beyond.