Outdoor Landscaping Ideas (Compare Costs)

Outdoor Landscaping Ideas  (Free Estimates)

Traditionally, homeowners had it easy when it came to backyard design. It was simple. Lawn installation with a few rose bushes and a custom concrete slab to your exterior of the house. It was so standard, many homeowners got bored of it. Also, since California is facing a severe drought, more and more homeowners are removing the lawn and getting rid of that boring traditional look. 

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At Inner City Skyline, we provide options for homeowners and want to share a few designs that stands out, tells your guests who you are, what you value, and how you like to spend time in your backyard. 

Backyard Design | Choosing SOD Lawns verses Drought Tolerant Design

We have seen so many homeowners remove lawns and install drought landscaping that its very hard to recommend the traditional lawns for homes anymore. Most homeowners tell us they save on average $150 a month on water, and landscape maintenance just by removing their lawns and installing drought tolerant design. 

Here are a few samples of traditional lawns and drought tolerant landscape designs. 



Backyard Design Ideas | Sun Room verses Patio Covers 

Sun room designs are like room additions that are all glass. It is common for those that have severe allergies and rather enjoy the sun from a glass distance verses stepping outside and sucking the pollen and dust of Los Angeles air. Another option for those that are not so strict on the allergic reaction to the outdoors is a patio cover design to enjoy the backyards without much compromise. Some backyards are designed for constant family fun with dining area, area for reading books and soaking up the sun. We install both sun rooms and patio covers of all sizes, materials and designs. Here are a few of our favorite designs to consider. 

Concrete Backyard Design Ideas

Concrete Designs are one of the more advance backyard remodeling that homeowners are reaching out to do. As homeowners install concrete or repair concrete for driveways, walkways or side area, customers see the benefits of adding something constant in the backyard. concrete backyard installation last for 10-20 years and add real value to your home if designed properly. Schedule a free estimate to get started. 

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