Top 4 Reasons For Solar Backup Battery Installation

Solar Backup Battery Why Install it? 

We all heard the myths of solar, and how salesmen are the push, annoying and simple uneducated. We also heard that solar panels are not as effective as many companies explain. That might have been true a few years ago when technology was not as advanced as it is today, or when battery systems were simply not smart. Today, we have smart technology, evolving routers, and smarter grid with net metering 2.0. If you are unfamiliar with net metering, here is a short explanation. 

What is Net Metering 2.0?

Net metering 2.0 allows homeowners to sell back energy to the grid at different price points and ensures your utility company has to purchase the energy. Its an agreement between solar producing energy homes and the utility companies. 

4 Top Reason to install Solar Backup Battery systems

LG solar backup battery is one of the best options available for homeowners, despite the lack of marketing done by LG. Tesla is on the front end of marketing its Powerwall technology and what makes LG battery better is that it holds more, is more flexible and provides more value to homeowners. 

Large Capacity Battery

LG Chem RESU battery capacity is large, and can power your home for 2-3 hours when an outage occurs. If your home is an area that outages occur frequently, having a large enough backup battery serves multiple benefits. It can power you when your outage occurs at the worst moments in your life. If you have medical equipment and need a constant stream of power, a backup battery system is necessary for your home. The best option is that it can be recharged, via both solar panel systems, and from your utility grid. 

30% Tax Credit For Solar Backup Battery's

There are a significant amount of money being circulated for solar and solar battery backup systems that homeowners are losing money when they are not taking advantage of it. Your neighbors, friends and family are eventually going to install solar backup battery and the rebate program is available for homeowners but not for long. Up to 30% off the cost of solar battery system, it pays for approximate 1/3 of the cost. if you take advantage of our low cost financing options, you will end up paying pennies on the dollar.  

Taking Advantage Of Net Metering

Selling power to the grid is a great way to take advantage of net metering with solar panels. Imagine if you generate and sell energy when the grid needs it the most, and recharge your battery at non peak hours. This will balance the grid, provide more energy and savings to you when you use the utility companies energy. it is what we call an asset based energy system designed to work for you, instead of you having no control. LG Chem system with custom technology from our solar installers help us create a system that maximizes your benefits at the lowest possible costs to you. 

Off Grid, No more overcharging from Utility Companies

Homeowners that are tired of the grid and the scams that the utility companies run to over charge consumers are driving homeowners to solar and backup solar batteries. With solar backup battery systems that are designed to be smarter, and maximize net metering, homeowners can go off grid legally. It means that you are legally connected to the grid, but you do not utilize the grid for any power consumption. 

How to get started with Solar backup battery systems? 

Schedule your free no cost estimate for solar and solar backup battery installation in your communities. We offer solar battery backup systems in Huntington Beach, and rest of Orange County. We also serving Los Angeles County.