Room Addition Contractor Los Angeles

Looking for a room addition contractor in Los Angeles? Interested in purchasing a land to build new homes, or expand your existing home? Inner City Skyline is your Los Angeles room addition expert, with over 28 years of remodeling experience. Our room addition contractors help homeowners expand, add 2nd story, convert garages and build back houses for guests. 

 Room Additions LA

If you are ready to get started, schedule a free estimate by calling our offices or inquiring online. Once we schedule a free estimate, our representative will explain pricing, help you design and get blueprints, work within budgets and show you the first steps to getting started. We have built hundreds of buildings, and back houses for homeowners. Let us help you choose the right materials, and manage your addition or new construction in Los Angeles today!

Room Addition Trends in Los Angeles

  • 2nd Story Additions

  • Guest House Additions

  • Garage Conversion

Room Addition Costs

 Los Angeles Room Addition Contractor

Room addition costs have risen due to the complexity of the housing market, builders and labor costs in California. Costs range from $150 per square foot and can go as high as $450 per square foot depending on the type of materials used, and location of property. Properties on hillsides are far more expensive, due to the materials and labor plus heavy equipment required for the project.