Best Backyard Design Ideas (14+ Projects That Matters)

14 Summer Backyard Design Ideas To Consider

In Los Angeles and Southern California, home improvement projects are the center of our lives and adding design, depth and value is what drives remodeling projects. Homeowners are always looking for projects to DIY and also to hire a local contractor to help them get started or redesign a certain aspect of the backyard. As more and more homeowners upgrade and remodel, the more our neighborhoods gain prestige and more desirable it comes. Areas like Hollywood hills, Studio City, Anaheim, and Irvine have luxury neighborhoods with inspiring designs. Here are our top 14 projects we think are most important to your home. And remember, if you need help, get a free estimate with us today

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Backyard Design and Remodeling With Inner City Skyline

Planter Boxes

One of the smallest projects you can consider for your backyard is Planter boxes which are plant boxes designed to add depth and creativity to your backyard. Planter boxes can be raised, or be flat on the concrete or dirt. It can be permanent fixture to your backyard, or it can be something that can change regularly depending on your designs.

Planter boxes can be made out of almost any type of material you can imagine. Our favorite and most recommended is concrete planter boxes with a permanent design for your backyard. A concrete planter box can be shaped into any design based off a specific mold. If you are in the market for planters, you can design your backyard with custom made ones from our company or purchase premade designs online or at local hardware store.

Drought Landscaping

Drought landscaping is another amazing project to consider for your backyard in southern California. Since California is on a water shortage, a few years back, local government impose strict watering restrictions and even fines for those that do not follow the new rules. When you replace your entire lawn with drought friendly design, you avoid the watering process and save on landscaping, watering, and potential fines. Drought landscaping helps homeowners save on average $1325 a year and even more considering the costs of landscaping and gardening have risen.

Concrete Installation

Concrete installation for your backyard can be challenging. A good designer can help you maximize the area without taking away too much from the natural design of your house. Concrete can be installed on the side of your house for walkways, and even area designated for a specific purpose for your backyard. Homeowners with large vehicles can designate area to park vehicles, play sports and more. Concrete area for your backyard is one of the best ways to utilize your summer.

Driveway Remodeling and Repairs

Driveway expansion, remodeling and driveway repairs are all part of summer and keeping your home well maintained. Southern California is prone to earthquakes and often it causes cracks in our driveways. If your driveway is experiencing severe cracks, damages to the curb, or the slope is to steep for your vehicles, replacing it with a more modern design that is safe for your vehicles would be the best choice. Our concrete and driveway remodeling contractors can help you select designs, cost analyze your driveway and give you a price that’s competitive in your city. Schedule a free estimate for driveway remodeling today.

Sports for Backyard

If you love sports, or have kids that love sports, then your backyard should be aimed for a sports for entertainment purposes and fun. Our backyard designers began remodeling a family home in Malibu that wanted backyard to be like a basketball arena. We installed custom benches/ bleachers, basketball court, and concrete paved backyard to match. Parents and kids were big Los Angeles Laker fans and now can play in the backyard with friends and family.

Other projects for sports themed backyards can be tennis courts, ping-pong area designated with a mini dividing wall. If your backyard is large enough, redesign it to fit your needs.

Swimming Pool Installation and Repairs

Swimming pools are a joy to have, but can be costly in repairs, installation and maintenance. Swimming pool designers can help you design your backyard to include a custom made swimming pool with Jacuzzi, diving board, outdoor hot tub and more! Just remember to make your backyard swimming pools efficient with efficient pumps and cleaning. We also do infinity pools, and are approved for custom hidden pools that convert to flat surface to entertain guests. Get a free estimate today and let us show you the possibilities of owning a swimming pool for your home.

Lawn Installation (SOD INSTALLATION)

If you noticed your lawn is drying up or even growing in patches, it might be time to replace your entire lawn with new St. Augustine thick lawn. A lawn is great for adding a natural feel to your backyard. It’s an excellent way to design, and add color to your backyard. Whether you’re just going to replace the front yard, or redesign and add custom flowers to your backyard, we are the perfect lawn installation experts for your home.

Sprinkler System & Irrigation Systems

Anything you plant will die if you do not have the right irrigation system in place to keep watering. Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are the best way to ensure your lawn is kept moist while removing the thought process that is required to regularly maintain your backyard. Our landscape designers and installation pros install automated technology to keep your lawn watering regularly and avoid missing a day. Let us begin your backyard automation installation process, get a free estimate today.

Patio Cover Repairs and New Patio Cover Installation

Patio Covers are one of the most exciting projects to consider for your backyard. Los Angeles and rest of southern California can have extreme heat and a patio cover can help you enjoy the outdoors without enduring the glare of the sun. Our patio cover installations have lifetime warranty depending on the materials you select. We do also provide wood patio covers and aluminum patio covers for those that have other requirements. A patio cover is a great investment for your home. Every homeowner needs it and will eventually be building one for the backyard. Get started with us today and learn about our specials.

Outdoor BBQ Area

Outdoor cookouts are common for homeowners. As American’s we love our hamburgers and hot dogs. Most people even go further with that and cook steaks, roast pork, and even fish. It’s a great way for friends and families to spend time together and enjoy the backyard. Our backyard remodeling contractors noticed trends for homeowners in southern California. Cities like Anaheim, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Long Beach and Santa Monica are upgrading the backyard with patio cover and outdoor kitchen area to match. Outdoor BBQ area can be equipped with an oven or gas grill and custom countertops and cabinets to match.

Fire Pit Installation

Fire pits are another enticing addition to your backyard especially during warm summer nights. It brings the backyard and camping experience today while adding a structure that looks amazing. A custom made fire pit includes running gas line to the fire pit, installing concrete and pavers and even custom sitting area to match. Schedule a free estimate to meet our contractor, and show you how we can be helpful in designing and building your custom fire pit today.  

Patio Area

Our most favorite area for your backyard is the patio area that homeowners spend so much time in. Patio areas are concrete and pavers designed to match your home while adding depth and creativity to the backyard. It’s a designated spot for cooking, and spending time together. Maybe sipping on a glass of wine while enjoy the summer breeze. Our contractors can help design the perfect area for your patio. We include your favorite outdoor activities into a designated area that makes you feel comfortable and excited.

Sun Room Addition

Sun rooms and additions are one of the largest outdoor indoor home improvement projects you can do for your house. Sun rooms are additions to your house that are made out of glass so you can enjoy the sun without being in the outdoors. It is great for people with severe allergies that cannot deal with the air quality outside. Sun room additions can be costly and require structural and blueprint designers in addition to contractors. Schedule a free estimate and learn about our one stop shop for all remodeling.

Exterior Home Painting

Last and most effective project that adds significant value and even can be done by yourself is exterior painting. Homeowners that have a single story home can easily paint the exterior of the house. Painting involves professional taping of the area, and selecting color grade that matches your neighborhood and breathes life into your home. A fresh coat of paint can also clean the exterior of your house, make it stand out, and add value. Schedule a free estimate and learn about our $500 Off full exterior painting and installation.

Whether your shopping around, or looking for a great deal on your next summer project, consider hiring  Inner City Skyline for your outdoor remodeling project. We have the right contractors, and design teams to get you started. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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