Waterproofing Patio Covers | What you need to know

Waterproofing patio cover roof

Waterproofing is a big part of outdoor remodeling depending on the type of structure you have and what kind of moisture you get from your surroundings. For patio cover roofs, they tend to leak only when the waterproofing sealant is no longer there due to weather. Our experts can waterproof a wood patio cover simply by providing the right sealant, and repairing any damages that did already occur due to the water. Often times termites are the problem and removing them and resealing can help you preserve your patio cover. 

Hiring A Licensed Patio Contractor

Inner City Skyline provides free estimates for patio cover repairs and patio installation and replacements for homeowners. We work with all types of patio covers including vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Choosing the best material for your budget is how we earn your business. Our experience and expertise for over 28 years has given us the opportunity to meet many homeowners and show them what works and what does not in their cities. Schedule a free estimate to learn more about us, and how we can help you get started today. 

Time to redo your patio cover?

when you are experiencing severe damages to your patio, sometimes a repair wont do it. We noticed several homeowners that have had wood patio covers experience severe termite damage that has left the structure irreparable and dangerous. 

Other times you seen wood rote, and it might be repairable to a certain degree, but the costs are high. When you schedule a free estimate, we help guide you to which option is best for your situation. That is why our custom free in-home estimates are award winning, helping homeowners make informed decisions. Get prices, and details for your patio cover. Call today 949-354-4845 to speak to a patio cover professional today.