Energy Upgrade CA (Best Local) Energy Efficiency Contractor

Energy Upgrade CA (Best Local) Energy Efficiency Contractor

Energy upgrade contractors are one of the most important type of remodeling contractors to consider hiring and California made it that much more important with the Energy Upgrade Program for homeowners. The energy upgrade program helps homeowners remodel their homes to meet the growing needs of energy preservation, helping California reach its green climate change goals and more. California’s energy upgrade program is one of the best initiatives in our country, helping thousands of homeowners upgrade and make their homes much more comfortable, while reducing energy costs and saving thousand in the long run.

What makes a good energy efficiency contractor?

Energy efficiency contractors are crucial to remodeling in Los Angeles, CA. It’s one of the best options for homeowners that are confused on the type of project they need to do, and why they need to do it. We work with many homeowners that are unaware of the money they are losing each summer and winter when weather becomes harsh. Homeowners are spending hundreds of dollars on energy and using far more energy than they should because how inefficient their homes are.

Inner City Skyline and our team of energy upgrade specialists work with homeowners to remodel and redesign the house to reduce energy consumption and save homeowners thousands. At the very least if your home is fully energy efficient; we provide solar energy to generate extra energy to help California power homes, cars and basis of our city.

Best Energy Upgrade California Project to Start

There are tons of projects to consider when you are upgrading your home in Southern California. We have a list of our favorite projects that really add value without compromising the integrity of the project. We do practically every project available for homeowners from California Energy Upgrade, but our favorite 3 are energy efficient window installation, insulation, and Solar /roofing.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficiency window installations are quality products that help homeowners save up to 32% on their energy bills. Energy efficiency windows help homeowners save thousands in the long run, compared to traditional low grade, low quality windows. There are different types of windows you can install for your home including vinyl windows, wood windows, aluminum windows and more. Sizes and type of materials can determine costs, but on average homeowners can save up to 40% with Energy Upgrade program.

Insulating your Entire House

Insulation is crucial regardless of what type of home you may have. It is not a design element, and rarely do people notice it or see it; however, the value behind insulation is far superior than any other project in the market today. Insulation helps keep warm air out during summer and your home cooler. Same applies to winter, by keeping cool air outside and warming your home. Its designed to be placed under your floors, your attic, ceiling, and inside your walls. It’s a protective barrier to keep sound and airflow out. A well-insulated home can save on average 20%.

Solar & Roof Installation

Solar and roofing repairs are another big project, but are far different then the other two. Solar adds value by generating electrical energy, not saving it. With Solar panels on your roof, you generate enough energy to reduce your energy costs and save. If you are to install solar on your roof, you would need a strong and sturdy roof. Most homeowners that have older roofs replace the entire roof and install new solar panels to get the best results possible.

Inner City Skyline Your Local Energy Efficiency Contractor

There are thousands of horror stories online from homeowners that work with shady and crooked contractors. Inner City Skyline is different and with a history of 28 years of remodeling, we are the oldest contractors in the LA and OC. We worked on thousands of homes and stand by our workmanship with each and every project we take on. Energy Upgrade CA and a number of other City official programs have approved our work and our quality. Schedule your free estimate and learn about our promotions, discounts and premium quality work we perform when homeowners inquire with us. Schedule your free estimate today.