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Inner City Skyline has created a list of most frequently asked questions in southern California and have the answers. dive right in and get help today. 


What is the best type of landscaping in California?

In California, most homeowners are struggling with the excessive prices o watering your lawn due to our severe drought. Drought tolerant landscaping is the best type of landscaping for California homeowners, especially in Los Angeles.

How much water can you save from Drought Landscaping?

Drought Landscaping offers homeowners a method of saving tons of gallons each year. On average homeowners can save up to 100,000 gallons of water each year when you turn to drought landscaping for your 600 SQFT lawn.

Where can I find landscaping rocks in Los Angeles?

Home Depot and Lowes your local hardware stores are the best places to find landscaping rocks in Los Angeles. To transport these rocks, a van or a pickup truck with a few strong men is needed.

What methods can I take to level my soil for my backyard?

Uneven soil for the backyard is a common project and often a difficult one to address alone. If you have existing lawn, and uneven soil, you might want to address how even it actually is.  A few inches here and there can be easily settled with by topdressing the area slowly every ½ inch. If its more severe, then 3 inches, you need to remove the SOD the patch and apply soil and water to settle the area. Then finally install the removed patch of SOD with water.

What are common landscaping ideas for backyard?

There are a few common landscaping ideas for homeowners that are re-landscaping the backyard. First is your traditional lawn with possible fence border with roses or succulents. Another common landscaping idea is removing your lawn and going drought friendly with landscaping rocks, succulents and a design to match. If this is not an option but cannot afford the watering and maintenance of a lawn, homeowners are turning to artificial grass as an alternative. Also great for HOA complexes that have a traditional lawn style yards or common areas that want to save on costs.

What can I do about my bare spots in my backyard?

Bare spots are a problem, and look ugly in your backyard. Homeowners struggle to find a solution, but sometimes the most obvious answers are the best answers. Replant strong SOD lawn for your bare spots and within time it will grow and blend in with your current lawn.

How to properly remove tree stumps?

Drilling holes in the tree stump is the first step in removing your tree stump from your backyard. Killing the roots can be done with potassium nitrate which escalates the process of root burning. Once its completely dead, you can hire a tree stump grinder to grind your stump to completely flat.

What can I use near my fence for a low maintenance landscaping design?

The best designs are low maintenance designs for landscaping ideas near fences in southern California. Designs like stained landscaping rocks with large succulent agave plants are perfect for a border with your fence. Other designs can include shrubs, tall narrow trees, or even rose bushes.

Do you provide drawing plans for landscaping?

Inner City Skyline provides 3D plans with our drought landscaping design if discussed with the representative at the time of appointment. Simple drawings are offered by our design team when we finish appointment and our customers are ready to sign a contractor with us. Schedule a free estimate is just the beginning, so call us today to get started. 855-751-4663

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