Stamped Concrete Walkway and Patio Area (Best Designs)

Stamped Concrete in Los Angeles

Stamped concrete is one of the most affordable options for high end backyard designs for walkways, concrete slab, driveways and more. Stamped concrete helps homeowners achieve designs otherwise impossible without pavers, and flagstone. Its competitive, advantages are its low cost verses its alternatives. We decided to share the best stamped concrete designs and colors that are available for homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Stamped concrete walkways

Walkways are custom designed and are located usually in the backyard or in the front yard. Its often a simple area to walk over, but homeowners can design it with stamped texture, and a staining to match any custom stone you find. Stamped concrete is just a standard way to add design to your backyard. For concrete walkways, our contractors are all about stamped concrete with custom stain to make your front yard pop in your neighborhood.  A simple design can go a long way, and value is worth the additional cost.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

This is a big factor for homeowners that live in high end luxury complexes. Costs for pavers, and flagstone can be expensive. Its can require constant attention and the design will be ruined if you don’t spend that level of money on repairs and constant maintenance. Stamped concrete is less of a maintenance and easier on the budget. Its concrete designed to look like stone verses natural stone making it far easier to manage. As driveways go, this is one of the most luxurious driveway designs available aside from the actual natural stone. It’s a look alike that looks amazing and close to the real thing.

backyard 3.jpg

Concrete Patio Slab Design

If you ever wondered what concrete patio would cost you? If you noticed anything about the type of concrete patio slabs out there, the best ones are stamped, and stained with a certain special type of finish. Compare that to a solid gray concrete slab, our designed concrete can be expensive, but the true value is what homeowners are willing to pay for a well-designed backyard. A concrete slab that is designed to look earthy is where most homeowners are going with when it comes to stamped concrete. Stamped concrete contractors for patios are artists that designed the backyard to match natural stones found on our planet. Making the project sustainable, and affordable for homeowners.