Drought Landscaping Costs Los Angeles (Everything you need to know)

Drought tolerant landscaping cost

Drought tolerant landscaping is one of the more popular types of landscaping for local homeowners in Los Angeles. Whether you’re interested in removing and replacing your lawn, or just getting rid of the water consuming, lawn maintenance fest pool, Inner City Skyline is your local drought tolerant landscape designers in LA.

To determine the costs for your drought landscaping, homeowners in Los Angeles schedule a free estimate with our landscape designers and we can help you calculate costs, and share our previous designs with you for your home.

On Average homeowners are paying approximately $3,200 - $13,500 to remodel and redesign with drought tolerant landscaping for their backyard.

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Drought tolerant landscape design costs

Landscaping like any other remodeling needs planning and no one does planning better than our landscape designers. We manage our drought landscaping project by planning everything to the very end. Each type of succulent is accounted for. We even design concrete that goes into place, or any other filler you might be considering. At the end, we offer a service for our clients to imagine what we imagine and make sure we get it right the first time around. Our 3D design plans are often free with full landscape design services. Schedule a free estimate to get more information.

Free drought tolerant landscaping and why its not free!

Drought tolerant landscaping often is referred to free landscaping and that is not true. Everyone should be aware of it by now, if not please take notes; nothing is free in America. Someone has to pay for it, and often times its tax payers, but that is another story.

California lawn rebate 2018

Drought tolerant landscaping offers rebates that help homeowners pay for a portion of the landscaping design costs. If you design your 750 SQFT lawn and you get approved for drought landscaping, you only get $1500 back on your lawn removal landscaping project. On average it covers about 20-50% depending on your design.

LADWP Rebate Program