Drought Landscaping Rebates Are Back (LADWP HOMEOWNERS) Los Angeles, CA

Drought Landscaping Rebates in Los Angeles

If you ever thought about removing your lawn and turning to a more self-sustaining landscape design, this might be the last time to get free money to do the project you always wanted. Los Angeles department of water and power (LADWP) is offering special rebates for homeowners that want to remove lawn and go with a self-sustaining California Friendly landscaping.

Drought Landscaping Rebates

Drought Landscaping rebates is one of the best in Los Angeles due to the severe drought that LA faces. Department of Water and Power is offering homeowners up to $2.00 per SQFT of rebates to “Cash In” on their lawns. Replace your now lawn with more sustainable design from Inner City Skyline and save water, help your environment and DWP save water.

Schedule a free estimate or call us for more details and information. Qualified lawns only; Details will be discussed at the time of appointment.

Free Estimates are available for homeowners that are interested in removing and upgrading their lawns to drought tolerant landscaping.

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