Kitchen Remodeling Ideas; White Cabinets and Butcher Wood Countertops

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas; White Cabinets and Butcher Wood Countertops

Simple White Cabinets with Butcher Wood Countertops

Homeowners interested in kitchen remodeling have many choices when it comes to a selection of quality materials for their kitchens.  Our kitchen contractor has noticed a trend for butcher block wood countertops and the choice is clear among homeowners in Mission Viejo, CA. Butcher wood countertops are a big hit among the community and we share our insightful experience for those that are looking for quality kitchen countertops. What makes Butcher wood countertops a big hit is the rustic designs and natural feel it gives to a kitchen. Matching Butcher Wood countertops with simple cabinets can make your kitchen look and feel rustic without much of a budget.

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Butcher Wood Countertop Design Ideas

There are three popular types of wood countertops to choose from for homeowners in Mission Viejo, CA. Edge Grain is one of the more popular types and is create by joining long narrow wood together on their narrow edges.

Face grain wood countertops are less common and are constructed from wood laid flat and joined together. It is easily more prone to chips and scratches when homeowners use the counters as chopping boards. It has a more distinctive look that some homeowners will enjoy.

My favorite among the butcher wood countertops is the End Grain countertops which are formed by small rectangular shapes joined together. It has a more creative finish and looks great in almost any kitchen.

Free Kitchen Remodeling Estimate Mission Viejo, CA

Are you tired of your kitchen being outdated compared to your neighbors and family? Are you interested in replacing your kitchen with a fresh design to bring functionality, design, and ease for your kitchen? Inner City Skyline in Mission Viejo offers free in-home estimates for homeowners interested in remodeling their kitchens. We make kitchen larger by expanding existing kitchens when homes permit us too. We build new custom cabinets that cannot be found elsewhere in Orange County. We install countertops that will make your kitchen stand out, whether you’re interested in butcher wood or stainless steel. Our kitchen contractors have over 30 years of experience and can correctly remodel your kitchen in Mission Viejo. Schedule your free estimate and ask about our kitchen remodeling special for exclusive savings.