Deck Restoration Guide: Our Guide to Restoring Wood Decks in Orange County

Deck Restoration Guide

Inner City Skyline has been constructing decks in the orange county for over 30 years; however, restoration has never been a significant part of our business till 2019.

As summer comes along, homeowners that have an outdated deck often consider repairing damaged or chipped wood, checking for termites, and even waterproofing the wood when they notice puddles during heavy rains. These are the common causes of most deck damages and our general contractor offers free estimate to assess the damages and offer solutions.

Dive into this article to see how we asses decks in Orange County and how we treat and repair wood decks in our service area. Our general contractor provides free estimates from Long Beach to San Clemente, CA.


Restore Your Deck To Its Original Form

Inspecting Wood Decks

Before restoring your deck, a professional assessment of the area itself is needed to understand the scope of the project. Our deck repair specialists inspect wood decks by closely evaluating any wood chips, cracks in the wood, termite damages, and rot that could occur with time. In southern California, these are all common causes of wood damage for patios and decks. We perform a water damage test by wetting wood deck and seeing how fast the water disappears from the surface. If water tends to stick around, then chances are that the waterproofing is no longer working and needs to be treated again.

Cleaning the Deck

One of the most important aspects of deck restoration is the prep work that must be executed flawlessly to guarantee the results. The first part of the prep work is cleaning the area thoroughly. Our deck restoration crew brings our handy pressure washer to clean off any dust, debris, and any stains that have been embedded in the wood. Once the area is clean, we inspect the deck and apply waterproofing adhesive. Make sure to give it enough time for it to soak in, and quickly wash off the area soon after.


Cleaning & Staining Decks

Repairing Damaged Deck

Our carpenters are up front and center when it comes to wood deck repairs in Orange County. Our carpenters that inspected the deck, offer repair solutions for decks that have wood damage. Some of the more common wood damages are loose or broken railings, stair damages, wood chips or cracks, termite damages and water damage that can occur with normal wear and tear.  

Repairing wood chips are easy since there are ready epoxy fillings that you can purchase at your local hardware store. Railings that are loose or damage need to be replaced. Our master carpenters can rebuild railings with your exist design. Staircases that are damaged also require replacing since it’s considered a liability if repairs often cannot restore the area to its original form.

If it’s deemed as termite damage to your wood deck, the entire deck needs to be treated with termite solution and replace any wood that has noticeable damages or feels hallow. Termites are little critters that feast off of decks that have no termite treatment. They can cause significant amount of damage and leave you in the liability when someone falls. Consider immediately repairing the damaged areas before an accident takes place.


Repairing Damaged Decks

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Deck Restoration Coating

There are many different coatings available for deck restorations and each offers its own benefits. Once your deck is cleaned and structurally complete, we move ahead and coat your deck with Rust-Oleum 287327 Rust Rextore Advanced deck paint for the area. Applying the area with this adhesive allows you to keep your deck in great condition, while adding color and texture to the deck. It’s the final coating, so make sure you take the time and correctly apply the adhesive to ensure the deck will last.

Its recommended to restore your deck every 5-7 years. Schedule a free estimate with our contractor today and let us restore your deck. We provide free estimates and amazing deals on repairs and replacements.