Tiny Homes Prefabricated and Sold Via Amazon: The Wonder

Tiny Homes Prefabricated and Sold Via Amazon: The Wonder

Have you ever wondered what the future will hold in terms of construction and building homes? What would have been a promising start to the future of prefabricated homes purchased via Amazon has brought us this attempt at tiny home that merely disappointed our general contractor.


The future of Tiny Homes

At the end of the day, we strongly believe in the concept “You Pay for What You Get” and purchasing a home off of Amazon is no different. If you were to calculate the material value  of a 113 SQFT home, it will range from $7,540 - $15,500 for a small home. This does not include any of the fancy materials, or even some of the more required additions like roofing, insulation and plumbing. To have made a tiny home under $6,000 and have it shipped to buyers cannot be called a tiny home since its not a home to begin with. Its merely a fancy shed, designed by a clever architect that could pass a home, but lacked the basic utilities needed to livable in southern California.

Unfinished Tiny Home

What you get from Amazon is an unfinished product that looks great on paper but nearly impossible for an average person to build. Our experience with tiny homes in Orange County ranges from minor small home repairs to new assembling fully build and functional homes. Reviewing the Lillevilla escape 113 sqft home, we understand quickly that it does not include the basics like toilet, shower, plumbing, electrical, insulation, roofing and air conditioning unit. It seems like a concept that a company began selling without putting much thought as to how a person will live in this tiny home.

Meeting Building and Safety Standards

As a general contractor, some building and safety offices in Southern California give us a hard time on standard building, can you imagine what kind of scrutiny contractors will receive when they try to do electrical or plumbing? Our recommendation for property owners interested in tiny homes is to hire a general contractor and design your own. This way a homeowner has full control over designs, layout and material selection, while contractors can consult building safety officials to ensure the project can be done according to city standards.  

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