4 Design Tips for Deck Remodeling Southern California

Deck Designers For Repairs, Remodeling and New Construction

Whether you’re interested in repairing, replacing or building a new deck, homeowners can significantly benefit from design, and layout if done properly. Our deck installation crews have a few major categories to consider when remodeling your deck. Remember, we are here to help, so ask questions, and get a free estimate from our local contractors in Los Angeles and Orange County.


Choosing the Right Deck Materials

There are three very closely designed and popular deck materials to consider.

The first type is Transcend composite decks. Its fade and mold resistant and available at your local Home Depot. It’s one of the best materials for coastal decks, near ocean front homes.

Composite Deck Boards are the traditional style for homeowners. They are also easily available and the color selection helps bring families together.

Lastly, we have the rustic looking composite deck called ProTect. It comes standardly finished with a rustic organic look only found with this branded composited decks.

Elevated Decks verses Leveled Decks

Deck Designers are often put into situations that are less than ideal. Homeowners that have small backyards or backyards with uneven landscaping turn to deck designers to create a space that is both inviting and rewarding to be in.

Our deck designers have a few options, whether its elevated deck design with pillars and staircase or leveled decks that is easily accessible. There a few obvious things to consider like accessibility for handicap, and deck construction to match your home. If your home is on a hillside, then an elevated deck makes sense. However, if your home is in the desert, and is on a single level , chances are you wont need an elevated deck design.

Concept designs are always available for homeowners that want to redesign the entire backyard to include or remove an elevated or leveled deck. Planning and design is crucial, with free 3D designs online to get a rough estimate of what it could possible look like.

Design Features for your Deck

This is our favorite part of deck remodeling and the most exciting to say the least. Deck material is part of the design elements, but there are far more options available for homeowners who include railings, posts, colors, stains, and more.

We recommend hiring a professional designer for your home deck design. It’s a standard to include railings, but choosing the right ones for your home deck should be designed to match.

Choosing standard staircase, or mix and matching materials can add value or make it look just odd.

Deck Railing Types

  • There are several railing types to choose from when it comes to deck railings.

  • There are you traditional wood deck posts with railings.

  • There are also modern wrought iron railings designed perfectly to match the deck.

  • My most favorite type of railing is the glass railings designed for elevated decks with views.

Finding A Deck Contractor Today

If you have a design in mind, or simply interested in getting a prices for your backyard, we love to help. We provide conventional deck remodeling and deck installation in addition to new construction. We offer free estimates and the best quality money can buy in Los Angeles and Orange County. Get a free quote today (855) 751-4663