The Ultimate Guide to Patio Cover Costs Los Angeles (2018 Guide)

 Patio Cover Costs Los Angeles (2018 Guide)


Are you a homeowner that enjoys soaking up the sun away from the sun? Patio covers in Los Angeles are a great way to indirectly enjoy the sun while keeping your skin protected by not being directly under the sun. inner City Skyline is our contractors, and we been building, remodeling and repairing patio covers all over Los Angeles. When our clients are interested in patio covers, we do our part to prepare them for what is to come, and how to get their budget in order.

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Reasons for Patio Cover Installation

Every homeowner interested in building a patio cover has their own reasons. Major benefits of patio cover installation are to add architectural design to the backyard, or add shade to the backyard. Most of Los Angeles homeowners are interested in adding value to the backyard with a custom design. Even homeowners that do have a patio cover often go for repairs, or a full replacement to the patio cover since damages can be severe due to weather and termites.

  • Adding Shade to Your Home

  • Adding Value with Remodeling and Adding Structures to your backyard

Patio Cover Costs in 2018

There are three materials to really consider when comparing costs for patio cover installation project. The three materials are aluminum, vinyl and wood patio covers. Each type of material has benefits and disadvantages when compared to each other.

Aluminum Patio Cover Cost

There are many advantages of aluminum patio covers. One of the best reasons to get a patio cover made out of aluminum is the shear price.

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  • Will Not Rot

  • Looks like Quality

  • No Paint Required

  • Great for Resale

  • Pre-Engineered Easy installation

  • Affordable


  • Easily Damaged

  • No customization

  • Comes Prefabricated

On average you will be paying (10 x 10) $4,200 - $6,200 for a fully insulated aluminum patio cover with no additional add-on.

Vinyl Patio Cover Costs

Vinyl Patio covers are one of the best mid ranged patio covers choice for those with a budget but want something high quality. Patio covers tend to last for a really long time with regular maintenance, but one of the best materials to use to build your patio cover is with vinyl. Most vinyl manufactures provide lifetime warranty since it won’t break, crack, or fall apart. It is the best material to use for long term value. Vinyl Patio covers are made from PVC piping most popularly known in plumbing.

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  • Won’t Rot or Deteriorate

  • Great for Resale

  • More Durable Then Aluminum


  • Expensive

  • Tends to Yellow over time

  • Engineering and building plans are needed for certain construction

Price can extend from as low as $5,650 to $13,540 for a vinyl lattice patio cover. Its costs range from lattice covers that require engineering to installation costs and number of crews available.

Wood Patio Cover Costs

With wood patio covers, design options and creativity sets the stage. Our carpenters and patio cover designers can help you design a patio cover truly worthy of your backyard. Since wood patio covers are flexible, any shape is possible and finish designs are endless. Go rustic, go modern or a strong simple finish; options are endless.

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  • Customization (wood can be customized to look natural, or diverse)

  • Easy to install, and designing is an art form.

  • Adds significant value

  • Can come in endless colors and designs


  • Expensive and requires regular maintenance

  • Needs to be painted regularly

  • Heavy

  • Termites love wood.


Wood patio cover costs are its greatest disadvantage. It can be upwards of $8760 - $18,800 depending on options, design and layout of your patio cover. To determine most accurate prices, please schedule your free estimate.

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