9 Bathroom Design Tips Los Angeles

9 Bathroom Design Tips Los Angeles

Read below and get our top 9 bathroom design tips for your home in Los Angeles

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Keep bathroom designs simple

Keeping bathroom designs simple is one of the best ways design tips to start things off. Its beneficial both to keep your bathroom remodeling within budget, and for the overall design to be coherent without compromise. It’s a basic tip that most homeowners go without, and we loved to be the ones to keep your ideas flowing in the right direction.

Bathroom Layout and Placement is everything

Layout design is another concept that is done in the planning stages and would require a licensed contractor to help you navigate what’s within building and safety code, and what is not. Correctly placing your bath tub, shower, vanity and toilet can embrace a full size bathroom, or make it cramped.  Choose wisely, and make sure you pull your permits.

Size of materials can help your bathroom look bigger or smaller

Layout of materials is an excellent tip, and moreover the right selection of materials can help you add value by making your bathroom look far bigger than it actually is. An oversize vanity in a normal size bathroom will almost always make your space less usable and thus not as valuable as something better designed. Bathroom design is an art form done by the few trained, not intended for everyone. Find a local bathroom designer in Los Angeles for tips on material selection.

Design Bathrooms with Theme

If you are going with a modern design, stick to modern, and if its classic, don’t mix and match. We recently been to a home in Los Angeles and saw a bathroom remodel recently done with a mix of traditional design, and a Victorian finish. The result were funky to say the very least; Very distasteful and badly designed. We also recommend sticking to a design throughout the house, rather than individual rooms being designed without a coherent feel.

Choose energy efficient materials For The Bathroom

If you are redoing your bathroom without energy efficiency in mind, you are not taking full advantage of your bathroom remodeling. Replace your lights, and plumbing with materials that save you water, and electricity and if you count the savings in the next 5-10 years you can rest assure you’re paying yourself back in full.

Bathroom Lighting is everything (women)

If you love the mirror, you know how lighting can make you look fantastic or just plain Jane. If you are remodeling your master bedroom, put in the right lighting to make you look and feel beautiful. Lets be gender equal, men can enjoy the mirror too.

Choosing Right Bathroom Colors (tiles)

If you love glamour, shine and a beautifully done tile bathroom, you can rest assure we are the perfect contractors for the project. We help homeowners choose neutral color tiles for standard bathrooms, and master bathrooms designed with the colors of your choice. Our bathroom remodeling contractors

Paint Verse Tiles

If you are contemplating whether to go with paint or tiles, we can help. Tile installation can be expensive and is geared towards budgets of $6800 and more. If you are looking for a low budget bathroom design, you can tile the floors, and leave the walls just painted. This can be excellent and can save you few thousand verse tiles.

Always upgrade your Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom remodeling is one of the reasons to change your entire bathroom plumbing. If your toilet gets clogged often, or leaks have occurred from your shower, or bath tub then it’s time for a replace. We recommend upgrading your plumbing to copper for a long lasting bathroom. Homeowners always want to avoid faulty plumbing that can burst and cause expensive leaks.

Hiring Us For Bathroom Remodeling 

Here are our top 9 bathroom remodeling recommendations to consider when you are in the market for a new bathroom. We are Inner City Skyline, full service bathroom remodeling and general contractor serving Los Angeles and Orange County. Schedule your free estimate; get our 28 year veteran general contractors to help you get started.