3 reasons why you need a new electrical panel box in Los Angeles

Electrical Problems caused by old Electrical Panel Box

electrical panel box on fire

If you noticed your lights flickering, noise from your electrical panel box, or random power outages, it could be time to replace your electrical panel box. In Los Angeles, many homeowners consider upgrading the electrical panel box when they start to notice minor issues with electricity or when they need to install an electric charging station and their home cannot support more electronics.

Homeowners must consider upgrading their electrical panel box since it's a hazard concern and your home can burst into flames if one electrical fuze goes out or short circuits. when your electrical panel box gets overloaded, sparks can fly and cause voltage issues for your other appliances or even cause a fire to your home. In Los Angeles, everyone is recommended to have at least a 200 amp electrical panel box to support the growing needs of electronics and smart technology throughout our homes.

Benefits of Electrical Panel Box Upgrades in Los Angeles

Support More Electronics

There are benefits to a new electrical panel box upgrades for homeowners in Los Angeles. One of the biggest concerns for home insurance companies in Los Angeles is the growing trend for more electronics and lack of upgrades to the electrical panel box which supports these electronics. When your electrical panel box has not been upgraded, your insurance company will do their research and charge more for your insurance due to the possibilities of electrical fires. To avoid higher premiums, we recommend Los Angeles homeowner to consider a free estimate to upgrade their panel box.

electrical panel box in Los Angeles

Solar needs 200 Amp Electrical Panel Box

Other benefits can include higher resale value for your home and the possibilities of solar for your rooftop. Homeowners that have an old electrical panel box must upgrade to a new 200 amp electrical panel box to support new solar panels for their home. If your home is still on the old system, no solar installer would install solar for your home without upgrading the panel box. It won't pass inspection, especially in Los Angeles.

Higher Home Resale Value when you upgrade your Panel Box

New homeowners will also be willing to pay more if they know that an electrical panel upgrade was done to the property recently. Many homeowners in Los Angeles own properties that are over 70 years old and chose not to upgrade until 2019. The year for electrical panel upgrades and solar is now!

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